The Best Marinas in Ibiza

The best marinas in Ibiza can easily be seen during a several-days trip around this fascinating island. Ibiza marinas are famous worldwide for their luxury facilities and beautiful sights. But, of course, the main reason why you would moor here is the beauty of the landscape and the sea.

So, read on and learn more about Ibiza’s Best Marinas and Ports, and this lively place and the ports where you can book a berth on this island.

ibiza marina
Ibiza Marinas

1. Marina Botafoch

Let’s start our Ibiza marinas and ports top by mooring at Marina Botafoch, which is located in the city of Ibiza.

 Puerto Deportivo Marina Botafoch has a reputation for being kind of exclusive. It is one of the preferred destinations for the jet-set and this only increases its fame.

Many internationally well-known stars have been spotted near this marina, but this doesn’t harm the cozy and welcoming charm of the place in any way. Whether you are a regular tourist or a VIP, you will benefit from the same discretion and top-quality treatment if you book a berth at Marina Botafoch

Marina Botafoch provides all the necessary amenities for a fuss-free vacation and a vast commercial area where you can shop for designer clothes or souvenirs, eat in a Michelin-awarded restaurant or simply relax in the evening in a bar listening to live music.

  • 428 berths
  • Max. length: 30 m
  • Max. draft: 6 m
  • VHF9
Marina Botafoch
Marina Botafoch

2. Marina Ibiza Magna

Ibiza’s best ports top must include Marina Ibiza Magna, an exclusive port where the rich and famous often choose to book a berth in Ibiza.

Ibiza Magna Marina is located in the old town of Ibiza, at the feet of Dalt Vila. Due to VIP treatment and top-notch facilities, Marina Ibiza Magna is the kind of place where you are bound to return and always feel welcomed.

Several elegant bars and restaurants are available directly inside the marina, as well as bank services, 24h surveillance, sailing assistance, and numerous other perks. Finding accommodation nearby won’t be an issue as there are plenty available options that are ranging in price and service from luxury to more affordable choices.

If you want to become fitter during this holiday or simply relax, that staff here can help you book a place in an aqua fitness, aerobics or swimming class. Beautiful sandy beaches are within easy reach as you moor here and the splendid turquoise water that bathes them will appeal to all your sense.

  • 85 berths
  • Max. length: 60 m
  • Max. draft: 10 m
  • VHF9/16
Ibiza Magna
Ibiza Magna

3. Sovren Ibiza

If you want to enjoy a seamless marina service, in the heart of Ibiza, book a berth at Marina Sovren – a new marina in Ibiza. A former ferry port, the site that now accommodates Marina Sovren is undoubtedly beautiful. Professional sailors and amateurs worldwide come here all year round.

Opening its pontoons to boats for the first time on 1st June 2017, Marina Sovren has established itself as one of the best superyacht marinas in Ibiza. It provides 16 berths for superyachts which may reach a length between 60 and 185 meters.

Sovren Marina
Sovren Ibiza Berth Plan

Some of the services you can enjoy here include CCTV surveillance, mooring assistance, private transportation, private helicopter & jet service, concierge, parking, black water pumping service. A 24h patrol guards this marina and a professional team of tenders is always ready to help you.

Marina Sovren is one of the best-provided ports in the Mediterranean and one of the best marinas for superyachts and megayachts.

Its location and exceptional service make Sovren Marina one of the most sought-after places to drop anchor. Things are always evolving around here. Therefore, Sovren is ready to offer a new Flagship building of 600 square meters soon. From the terrace of this building, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.

Moreover, Sovren Marina also offers financial advantages. Here, you can pay a fixed rate and benefit from complimentary berthing.

Sovren is a hot spot for sailors and tourists alike. At this Ibiza marina, you can enjoy water sports, have a chat or a nice meal at the nearby high-end restaurants. Finally, it is a place of novelty where you can catch up with the latest news and technologies in the nautical field.

Sovren Ibiza
Sovren Ibiza

4. Santa Eulalia Marina

If you are looking for Ibiza marinas’ reservations, one of the first recommendations we will rush to give you is Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eulalia.

Santa Eulalia Marina is situated only 14 km away from the city of Ibiza. It has an excellent position that enables you to quickly reach any part of the island and explore the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza as you sail.

Numerous hidden coves and astonishing views await for you as you sail to and from this berth booking facility.

Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eulalia is also famous for its commercial area where you can embark on a long shopping session, taste some of the local specialties at a fancy restaurant or enjoy an exquisite wine in the evening from the waterfront table of one of the surrounding bars.

Marina Santa Eulalia is well-furnished with all the amenities you might require including travelift, master harbor, crane, local market, bank, surveillance, dressing rooms, service station.

The town of Santa Eulalia that hosts this marina is quiet and intimate, so this port can be a perfect choice for a getaway holiday. With local historic sights such as the Roman bridge, a fascinating gastronomy and vast beaches such as Santa Eulalia Beach and Platja des Riu de Santa Eulalia, this town will keep you busy and merry.

  • 755 berths
  • Max. length: 22 m
  • Max. draft: 5 m
  • VHF9
Santa Eulalia Marina
Santa Eulalia Marina

5. Puerto de Sant Antoni de Portmany

Puerto de Sant Antoni de Portmany is definitely one of the best marinas in Ibiza. This port is carefully sheltered by a bay, being located inside its superb surrounding. Hosted by the homonymous city, this port is a wonderful retreat. In the same marina, you could make an online marina reservation in Club Nautic Sant Antoni.

Sant Antoni de Portmany Marinas are the perfect recipe if you want to combine a relaxing day with exciting nightlife. Near the marina, you will find charming beaches such as Cala Bassa Beach and Playa Cala Salada where you can relax undisturbed.

After sunset, there are countless bars and clubs that will welcome you with their tempting offers consisting of exquisite drinks, tasty refreshments, and lively music.

As you stroll down the streets of Sant Antoni, you will be able to leave all your worries behind as you contemplate the deep cobalt sea and admire traditional architecture.

  • 578 berths
  • Max. length: 25 m
  • Max. draft: 4.5 m
  • VHF9
Puerto de Sant Antoni de Portmany
Puerto de Sant Antoni de Portmany

6. Marina Ibiza

Marina Ibiza (alias Porto d’Eivissa) is one of those Ibiza yacht marinas that truly deserves to be on this list and is split in 2 marinas: South Marina and North Marina.

Port d’Eivissa is very popular among sailing aficionados who love water sports as there are plenty opportunities to practice them here by renting equipment. This is one of the most fashionable water sports marinas on the island and it is surrounded by an absolutely marvelous landscape.

The modern amenities provided by this port will enable you to enjoy a stress-free vacation, whether you choose to spend your days here or in a nearby hotel.

Ibiza Marina has all the basic services any vessel requires and some extra facilities such as restaurant and bar, dressing room, security, master harbor, seamanship, travelift, market, service station.

If you don’t want to leave the port to have fun every night, you will be glad to hear that there are a couple of great clubs right here, such as Calma Bistro, Lio Restaurant Club Cabaret, and Cappuccino Grand Café. If partying all night long is not quite your thing, you can always embark on a cultural trip around Ibiza and discover the local Museums, UNESCO sites, and ancient vestiges.

  • 536 berths
  • Max. length: 55 m
  • Max. draft: 5 m
  • VHF9
Ibiza Marina
Ibiza Marina

7. Club Nautico Ibiza

Finally, let’s end our list of the best yacht clubs and marinas in Ibiza with a premier port – Club Nautico Ibiza, a lively place where you will feel the vibrant atmosphere of this island.

With a long list of facilities and a professional staff, this marina has managed to gain a well-deserved reputation over the years. Famous for its nautical club, this port is a true reference point for sailors who want to compete in different regattas or people who want to take up this sport.

Club Nautico de Ibiza is also a popular gathering place for the local community and for those who provide nautical services.

With a long tradition that dates back to 1925, the marina’s club has developed into one of the most famous organizations of this kind in the Mediterranean, having trained multiple award-winning skippers.

More than 900 people have joined this club as members, so the site of the marina is always a busy place where guests are welcomed to socialize, learn more about sailing, attend different events or simply enjoy a drink and a tasty dish at the harbor’s fancy restaurant.

  • 300 berths
  • Max. length: 18 m
  • Max. draft: 4 m
  • VHF9
Ibiza Marinas
The Best Marinas in Ibiza. Basemap source: Google Maps

Ibiza is best defined by exciting nightlife; with numerous top clubs where internationally-acclaimed DJ’s come to perform, this island is a place where you don’t want to fall asleep. But if you do so, a paradisiac setting will guard you in your sleep. Check out the top things to do in Ibiza.

Before we depart, we would like to highlight that all these ports deserve a visit during your Ibiza sailing holiday and we can help you secure a berth in any of these.

We are here to help you make a marina berth reservation in Ibiza

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Best marinas in Ibiza
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Best marinas in Ibiza
The best marinas in Ibiza can easily be seen during a several-days trip around this fascinating island. Ibiza marinas are famous worldwide for their luxury facilities and beautiful sights.
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