An island of history, culture, good food, music, art and festivals, Corsica is a great place to visit especially in early summer when is the perfect weather for holidays.

This is a mystic land full of legend and authenticity. The fairy-tale scenery with charming bays, endless beaches and mighty mountains hide traditional villages that hold lively festivals celebrating local crafts and religious or historical events.

Corsica’s rich and miscellaneous history resembles its mesmerizing architecture. There is a wide variety of museums, monuments, edifices and citadels spread all over the island that stand for touristic landmarks and give a particular note of drama.

This stunning ’’Island of beauty’’ is an ideal destination for beach lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts who can enjoy hiking, snorkeling or scuba diving.


Palombaggia, Corsica

Even though it belongs to France, Corsica has its own representative culture, unique polyphonic music, traditional cuisine (chestnut cookies and wild boar) and its most famous illustrative figure: Napoleon Bonaparte. A staple for the region are the charming port towns that are spread all along the coast and are soaked in idyllic natural scenery adorned with picturesque villages.

If you are wondering about the most popular and beautiful destinations in Corsica, just have a look.

What are the best places to visit in Corsica?

1. Ajaccio

If you love the seaside and the mountains as much and you cannot decide what to choose this summer why not enjoy both in one destination? Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, offers magnificent scenery with lovely sandy beaches bordered at a distance by snow-capped mountain peaks.

As this is Napoleon’s native town, a famous landmark and tourist attraction is the Maison Bonaparte, the house where Napoleon was born. Nowadays here is a museum with furniture, portraits, and family documents that still have the historical scent from those times. A staple of the city is also the equestrian statue of Napoleon in the fascinating square Place de Gaulle from where you can enjoy exceptional panoramic views.

Equestrian statue of Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio, Corsica

Equestrian statue of Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio, Corsica

In the old town, there is a bustling port and a historic sector with lovely narrow streets. A charming blend of history and culture can be felt in every corner. The 16th-century Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde displays the famous painting by Eugène Delacroix Du Sacré Côur.

Besides the historical feeling and the cultural atmosphere you can also enjoy the relaxed way of life of the natives.

If you want to explore this fantastic area by boat we recommend Porto Tino Rossi, a great place to moor.

2. Bonifacio

The oldest town in Corsica, Bonifacio, was founded by Bonifazio, the Marquis of Tuscany. Corsica continues to amaze visitors with this mesmerizing destination. Can you imagine a medieval town located on the cliffs of a limestone peninsula overlooking a lovely natural harbour bordered by charming sandy beaches? Isn’t it fairy tale scenery?

Bonifacio City, Corsica

Bonifacio City, Corsica

You will discover here the busiest Mediterranean port in France that has three port areas: the fishing port, the pleasure port, and the port where boats depart for trips along the coast. Being located at only 12 km from Sardinia, you will experience here a sophisticated Italian feel. The bays shelter many famous beaches of all types, so you can choose either a large lively sandy beach or a remote one in a small cove for complete relaxation. Sant’Amanza, Rondinara and Petit Sperone are just a few examples.

You should know that you can best explore this glorious destination by boat as the charming coastal landscape, the houses perched on top of the cliffs that plunge 70 metres to the sea below and the numerous caves at sea level can only be completely enjoyed in a boat trip. You can find great berths in Port Bonifacio.

Port Bonifacio, Corsica

Port Bonifacio, Corsica

We advise you to put the picturesque Bonifacio last on your visit list in Corsica because it is possible that once you arrive here you won’t want to leave!

3. Calvi

We continue our journey through the amazing Corsica and we get to Calvi only to be impressed by even more history and culture. Of major importance is the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste containing the famous crucifix called Christ des Miracles and also The Maison Colomb on Rue Colombo that is said to be the birthplace of Columbus, although this hasn’t been yet authenticated.

If you decide to visit this popular holiday destination and you want to enjoy nature’s scenic beauty we recommend you to go in a boat trip. The rugged mountains, the forest of pines and the beautiful views from the port will turn your cruise into an unforgettable experience.

You will find here the traditional Corsican culture blended with the comfort of a modern resort. If you love jazz you should know that Calvi is famous for its Jazz Festival held in this area every June.

You should consider visiting Port Calvi, a friendly marina and an idyllic place where many luxury and bright fishing boats can be seen as they arrive and depart.

Port Calvi, Corsica

Port Calvi, Corsica

We didn’t forget about the lovely beaches where, besides the popular sunbathing and swimming, you can include windsurfing, waterskiing, jet skiing and paragliding.

4. Bastia

Corsica’s main port, Bastia, has a lot from Corsica’s authenticity and an irresistible power to attract visitors. The old town fishing port tried to adapt to the modern touristic requirements and has become a bustling harbour located in an impressive destination. Full of attitude, Bastia is the most important commercial port in Corsica.

There are three important areas of touristic interest: the old town, the citadel, and the old harbour.

 Vieux Port, Bastia, Corsica

Vieux Port, Bastia, Corsica

The old town is full of historical buildings and narrow alleys that create the 18th century atmosphere and, of course, cultural facts come again into picture as this is the town where the famous Victor Hugo spent his childhood.

Bastia has two ports: the traditional one also called the old port and the modern one where Corsica Ferries bring passengers from all over Europe. This is a lovely location to spend the evenings during your holiday as there are many bars and restaurants and you can walk along the quays from where you can enjoy fantastic views. There is also a striking contrast between the neglected buildings and the luxurious yachts moored in the harbour.

Bastia, Corsica

Bastia, Corsica

Of notable interest is Place Saint Nicholas located behind the new port that is one of the largest open squares in France. If you are curious about the way a shop looked like 100 years ago you can visit Mattei shop for local delicacies.

“The best way to know Corsica,” according to Napoléon, “is to be born there” but, if you are not that lucky, we hope you have enough information to live a truly charming Corsican experience.