If you can’t decide what to do with all of these empty rooms in your house or apartment, renting them out might be a great idea. Renting out gives you additional income every month that can help pay off a huge chunk of the monthly home running costs, as well as your mortgage monthly fee.

Using Rent Room, you can reach potential tenants from your local area, as well as from all around the world, opening you to foreign cultures. Here is how exactly Rent Room helps you reach more renters.

Easy to use

Rent Room is very easy to use and user-friendly, allowing you to quickly post a personalized listing for your room or apartment. The listing can include images and descriptions of your rental, with a lot of customizable options to help you better describe your offer. Remember to provide your contact information, so that your new tenants can get in touch with you!

Custom rent pricing

With Rent Room, you can adjust your rent pricing to your heart’s content – we give you full freedom to establish your own rules and pricing when you rent a room. Without a minimum or maximum fee, feel free to adjust the cost of your rent as you see fit. If you’re struggling with establishing what an adequate rent cost would be, make sure to search for similar offers to yours in your area.

It’s free!

Rent Room is fully free to use! You can quickly set up your own customizable listing and publish it without any additional costs. No payment or credit card information is required to gain the ability to create your own listing.

If you’re looking for something more premium, Rent Room offers additional packages with extended visibility, a larger submission limit, a longer expiration date, and many more features!

Discover new cultures

Offering rooms for rent in your home can open you up to new experiences with people you have never met before. People from all around the world use Rent Room, looking for a place to stay for shorter or longer. If you’re feeling lonely in an empty apartment with too many empty rooms, Rent Room gives you the opportunity to meet someone to drink coffee with in the morning and chat in the evening.

Image source:
Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko / Shutterstock.com