Top 10 BEST Marinas in Sardinia


Top 10 Best Marinas in Sardinia sounds like something you’d like to discover? If you plan a trip to Sardinia, you’ll have the chance to do so, but before that, you need to know what’s in store. We always find it hard to make a selection of marinas given the multitude of options we have, especially in popular sailing destinations such as Sardinia. However, we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction, so go on and discover some of the most reputable marinas of Sardinia.

1. Marina di Porto Cervo

Marina di Porto Cervo deserves the first position in our Sardinia berth booking recommendations top. It is located in a splendid and well-protected area in a charming village that goes by the same name. One of the major attractions of Northern Sardinia, this port is famous for its premier service and modern equipment. The surrounding natural environment you will find here is absolutely magnificent, hence the popularity of this port which is well-known as the central attraction of Costa Smeralda. The village that host the port was built in the 60’s by a prince who was entranced by the beauty of the area and decided to develop it. Here is a detailed Marina Porto Cervo reservation guide.

  • Marina di Porto Cervo Berths: 700 berths, 100 of which are boats in transit;
  • Max. Length in Marina di Porto Cervo: can accommodate large yachts up to 100 m;
Marina di Porto Cervo

Marina di Porto Cervo

2. Marina di Olbia

Marina di Olbia is always among our recommendations whenever someone asks what the best Sardinia marinas are. If you decide to book a marina here, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the natural Gulf of Olbia with its emerald water and vast fine beaches. While you will literally be located in the middle of nature, you will also be surrounded by modern civilization as several stores, cafés and restaurants are located within a minimal walking distance from the port. A safe and quick Sardinia marina reservation, Marina di Olbia, offers excellent shelter on any weather conditions.

  • Marina di Olbia Berths: 270 berths;
  • Max. Length in Marina di Olbia: 80 m;
Marina di Olbia

Marina di Olbia

3. Marina dell’Orso Poltu Quatu

Marina dell’Orso Poltu Quatu is located in the village of Poltu Quatu. Easy to access by sea or land, this port has a great position as it lies in the close vicinity of the natural protected area of La Maddalena Archipelago. Surrounded by rich and diversified vegetation, this Mediterranean port offers you a great chance to reconnect with nature. The village of Poltu Quatu, with its traditional aspect, narrow streets and welcoming atmosphere will enchant you and make you feel like you belong to this land of sun and sea. Read more by visiting the Marina dell’Orso reservation guide.

  • Marina dell’Orso Poltu Quatu Berths: 305 berths;
  • Max. Length in Marina dell’Orso Poltu Quatu: up to 35 m;
Marina dell Orso Poltu Quatu

Marina dell Orso Poltu Quatu

4. Marina di Portisco

Marina di Portisco is located in the beautiful city of Olbia. This marina features some of the best facilities on the island and their recipe for success also includes a welcoming and very knowledgeable staff. Marina di Portisco is positioned in a strategic point at the heart of the Mediterranean, providing quick access to the rest of the island and to other more remote destinations. Besides this amazing position, the marina’s advantages also include a majestic mountain landscape and a city that is packed with historic attractions and premier accommodation options. You could read more by visiting the Marina di Portisco online reservation guide.

  • Marina di Portisco Berths: 589 berths;
  • Max. Length in Marina di Portisco: up to 90 m;
Marina di Portisco

Marina di Portisco

5. Marina di Porto Rotondo

Marina di Porto Rotondo is also located in Olbia. The marina’s name suggests its rounded shape which makes it interesting and facilitates the access to its moorings. Built in the 60’s, this is one of the most renowned Sardinia marina reservation options. Its success and reputation are due to impeccable service and its international clientele. The ability to practice different water sports and enjoy VIP treatment at one of the nearby luxury hotels are two of the reasons why the jet set has been choosing this port for the past decades. In addition, you could check the Marina di Porto Rotondo online reservation guide.

  • Marina di Porto Rotondo Berths: 652 berths;
  • Max. Length in Marina di Porto Rotondo: up to 80 m;
Marina di Porto Rotondo

Marina di Porto Rotondo

6. Porto di Alghero

Porto di Alghero has a well-established place among the top marinas in Sardinia. This harbor is located in the homonymous town, in the province of Sassari. Alghero is one of the typical tourist attractions of Sardinia, and one of the most promoted spots on the island. With its splendid seaside, hidden beaches, white sand, sharp cliffs and emerald green sea, Alghero attracts tourists worldwide. If you want to visit this corner of paradise and understand the true spirit of Sardinia, make sure you book a berth in time.

  • Porto di Alghero Berths: 380 berths;
  • Max. Length in Porto di Alghero: up to 50 m;
Porto di Alghero Marina

Porto di Alghero

7. Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura is an essential point in any Sardinia charter itinerary. This harbor is located in the North of the island, in Santa Teresa Gallura, and it is a common departure point for skippers who want to visit the coast. If you decide to start your Sardinia sailing itinerary from Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura, you’ll have the chance to indulge in a breathtaking scenery with vast beaches and turquoise water. Numerous archeological treasures are also available for visitors at the Brandali archeological site. This charming town with its exquisite wines, tasty cuisine and never-ending fun will make you want to remain here.

  • Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura Berths: 700 berths;
  • Max. Length in Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura: up to 35 m;
Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

8. Cala dei Sardi Marina

Cala dei Sardi Marina is located in the heart of Costa Smeralda in the beautiful Gulf of Cugnana, between Porto Rotondo and Portisco. This modern marina prides itself on its green approach, being totally committed to protecting the environment. Tackled amongst the beauties of Costa Smeralda, this port offers guests an impressive surrounding and the ability to indulge in various recreational activities on site. With a large floating pontoon Cala dei Sardi is an ideal Sardinia berth booking reservation choice for those who want to laze in the sun and relax all day long during the vacation.

  • Cala dei Sardi Marina Berths: 140 berths;
  • Max. Length in Cala dei Sardi Marina: up to 70 m;
Cala dei Sardi Marina

Cala dei Sardi Marina

9. Marina di Stintino

Marina di Stintino is located in the north-eastern part of the island, in a lovely fishing village that has the same name. Although it gradually became a tourist point, Stintino has maintained its traditional aspect and quiet atmosphere quite well. This is the type of place to come to if your purpose is to relax and recharge your batteries. With small, traditional houses, narrow roads and numerous local restaurants and bars, this village is a perfect reflection of the real Sardinian way of life.

  • Marina di Stintino Berths: 320 berths;
  • Max. Length in Marina di Stintino: up to 85 m;
Marina di Stintino

Marina di Stintino

10. Marina di Porto Massimo (Porto Lungo)

Marina di Porto Massimo can be found on the amazing island La Maddalena, situated north from Sardinia. This marina is located next to the popular beach of Cala Lunga, one of the major attractions on La Maddalena. The island itself is renowned for its untouched nature, being a protected area together with the other islands in its archipelago. The nearby islands of Casings and Spargi are worth-seeing destinations, famous for their ecosystem and the fact that they are not inhabited.

  • Marina di Porto Massimo Berths: 120 berths; 20 buoys;
  • Max. Length in Marina di Porto Massimo: up to 40 m for berths and 80 m for buoys;
Marina di Porto Massimo Porto Lungo

Marina di Porto Massimo Porto Lungo

No matter how beautifully we describe these places, talking about them can never compete with actually visiting them. And we’re not only good at words, but we’re also quite fast when it comes to practical matters. So, if you need to book a berth in Sardinia, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you with the best marina reservations for your itinerary.