Best Adventure Sailing Holidays in Europe

1. Croatia

  • Tennis school in Umag

The Istrian city of Umag is home to a prestigious tennis academy, one of the most modern tennis centers in Europe. The town’s tennis tradition started 26 years ago with the Croatian Open, a major sporting and social event. Umag Tennis Academy has 26 tennis courts: 25 clay and one hard court.

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City of Umag, Croatia | Photo source:

Apart from the tennis courts there’s also a gym and fitness center, saunas, tennis equipment store, restaurant and bar, as well as recreational zones. The offer includes weekend tournaments and individual tennis lessons, the Tennis Fun beginners course and Tennis Intensive advanced course, while children aged 10 – 18 can learn to play in the summer tennis academy.

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Umag Tennis Academy, Croatia | Photo source:

Umag Tennis Academy is located right by the seaside at the edge of Katoro Resort and offers the best services: a team of excellent coaches, first rate accommodation and a variety of leisure activities. The Istrian cuisine is a delicious combination of Adriatic and continental ingredients paired with fine wines. Each year a food festival is held in Novigrad to honor the pilgrim scallop, considered to be one of the tastiest seafood in the world.

You can feel great at ACI Marina Umag, a large harbor with immediate access to the Adriatic Sea.

  • Adventure sports in Split

A region of great natural beauty, the Dalmatian coastline is one of Europe’s premier destinations. The ancient city of Split is renowned not only for its architectural heritage – the most famous example being the massive Palace of Diocletian – but also for being an excellent location for adventure sports. Adventure Dalmatia offers numerous multi-day adventure programs and one-day activities.


Rafting on the Cetina River, Croatia | Photo source:

You can canoe of raft down the Cetina river, flowing through an amazing canyon that you can explore in a more challenging program that involves walking, swimming and two rope descents down a cliff. It’s an incredible experience that gives you the chance to see some of the best landscapes in Croatia. Sea kayaking and paddling are other fun activities to try, and for a more relaxed day there’s the Split bike tour suitable for anyone ages 8 and up.

While in Split we recommend mooring your boat at either ACI Marina Split or Marina Hramina, located in a sheltered harbor on Murter island.

2. Turkey

  • Sea kayaking on the Lycian Coast

The ancient region of Lycia is home to some of the Turkish Riviera’s most beautiful landscapes, featuring many beaches flanked by high cliffs and protected coves catering to the yacht industry. Bodrum and Marmaris are among the most frequented resorts in Turkey, both close to major archaeological sites.

Marmaris res

Marmaris, Turkey | Photo source:

Kekova-Simena is a charming region encompassing the island of Kekova, Kaleköy and Üçağiz villages, and the ancient towns of Simena, Teimussa and Tersane. The bay was the site of a Byzantine shipyard, now in ruins. Both Simena and Teimussa have a large necropolis. Teimussa is now the modern village of Üçağiz, where boats set off for tours of the area.

Turquoise Coast of Turkey res

Sea Kayaking on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey | Photo source:

Kayaking is a great way to discover this region, where many areas are off limits to swimmers and divers. You can get a close-up view of underwater foundations, walls and mosaics dating back 2,000 years. Tours often disembark at Kaleköy, inaccessible by road, where you can get an excellent panoramic view of the area from the Byzantine at the top.

We recommend the following marinas: Alanya Marina, Setur Finike Marina, Milta Bodrum Marina.

  • Kite-surfing in Alaçati

Alaçati is an idyllic town in Izmir province, largely unknown outside Turkey. The town’s ivory stone houses have distinct colors on window and door frames, giving Alaçati a rustic appearance. The boutique hotels and small restaurants complete the look. The yacht marina was designed by French architect Francois Spoerry, who also designed the tourist spot Port Grimaud on the Cote d’Azur.

Alcati Surf 3 res

Kite-surfing in Alaçati, Turkey | Photo source:

At Alaçati Surf Paradise Club you can try a variety of activities, including kitesurfing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, and stand up paddle. The two spots for kitesurfing are Alaçati Bay – an excellent location with shallow, flat water and reliable wind – and Urla – located on a large protected bay at Içmeler, 29 km from Alaçati. It has superb conditions for kitesurfing throughout the long summer season, with shallow, flat-water.

We recommend mooring your boat at Teos Marina in Izmir.

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