Presentation is an online berth booking platform based in Bucharest, Romania, that was launched in the summer of 2015 and it is operated by a team with more than 6 years of experience in the nautical field, especially in hydrographic and oceanography services. offers online berths and additional facilities booking. It claims to have over 2000 marinas listed from all over the Europe. is available in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. does not charge a booking fee to marinas, but charges a commission on berths bookings from clients.

The project was started at the beginning of 2014 and was initiated by the managers of Marine Research Ltd (, a company with activities in the Black Sea Area and its surroundings.

The presentation of marinas is made in 4 languages and contains information about the history, culture, arts, entertainment and nightlife of the locations and regions where the marinas are situated.
The website includes social connections pulling data from social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter.
The first marinas that joined were from Spain, Italy, Croatia and Turkey.

Operations is an online booking platform for berths rental that connects the boat owners and the boat users interested in renting berths, on one side, with worldwide marinas looking to rent their berths, on the other side. Marinas have to register with using the Extranet module of the booking platform.
Marinas’ presentations include details such as a description of the harbour and the region where the ports are situated, including history, culture, arts, cuisine and entertainment tips for skippers and tourists, user reviews and shared social connections to build a reputation and trust among users of the nautical world.
In addition to providing useful and detailed information about the location and its region, marinas offer details including pricing, availability, facilities, additional fees and imagery. Due to the nature of the business, a merit system is in place to allow skippers and tourists to leave references and ratings which are displayed to the public in order to provide trustworthy information for those interested in berths renting.

Signup and reservations
Marinas must register and create an online profile before receiving berths reservation demands. Every marina has its own account and by using the Extranet module the harbour has full access to booking requests, reservations and invoices.
Marinas can charge different prices for berths or additional services booking. Marinas can upload their own text presentation if they assume owning the copyright for using the text on Marinas, through their account, can upload themselves relevant photos on the platform, assuming that they have the copyright to use them on

Booking methods
Marinas can opt between 2 booking methods: direct booking and monitored booking.
The direct booking method requires a permanent update of berths availability and prices from the marina. Using this method, the reservations are made instantly according with the availability and current prices.
In the case of a marina that uses the monitored booking method, the potential guest makes a booking request and the marina has to confirm or reject the reservation in maximum 48 hours. Then, the potential guest has to pay online his / her reservation in less than 24 hours.
After the reservation is complete, users are encouraged to leave a review. Reviews help build validity and references both for the guests and the marinas.

Security facilitates online payments from guest to and from to Marinas through a third party Payment processor that assumes the security of the payments.

Applications development
In June 2015, launched its first beta version that is responsive on smartphones, laptops and tablets.
In October 2015, launched an improved version of the booking platform.