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Preveza Marina, Epirus, Greece

known as Preveza Ionion Marine

Preveza Marina is a large harbour situated in the city of Preveza with immediate access to the shores of the Aegean Sea. This idyllic marina gives you the chance to explore the rich history of this area. The famous Necromatheion of Ephyra has its home here and is one of the most interesting historical landmarks in Greece. The Necromatheion was believed to be a gateway to the world of the dead commanded by Hades. In Greek mythology, Odysseus sought advice from an oracle that cursed him with visions of the God of the Underworld. Captain's House, Boutique Hotel Dioni, Margarona Royal Hotel and Hotel Kalamitsi are quality accommodation units that will dazzle you with their impeccable services and outstanding staff. If you are seeking venues to experience the unique cuisine of Greece, then you should visit the countless restaurants in the city. The top rated sites include names like Skaloma, Taverna O Kaixis, Treli Garida, Ell Inon Gefsis, Amvrosios, Psatha and Mythos.

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Cancellation Policy of Preveza Marina : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Epirus

A wonderful region, home of many monasteries and unique museums, Epirus is a unique region positioned in the south part of Europe shared by both Greece and Albania. With easy access to the Ionian Sea, this marvelous area will transform your vacation into an experience that you will never forget. The Pindus Mountains reign over Epirus and offer unique sceneries and hiking adventures in the world.

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