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Marathakam Marina, Samos Island, Greece

Marathakam Marina is a small harbour situated in the city with the same name, on the Samos Island, in the Aegean Sea. This area is the ideal place for those interested in sunbathing or enjoying fresh air and superb weather. The most popular activity in the city is swimming. The trails that cut through the centre of the surrounding hills are ideal for enjoying simple bike rides or experience an adrenaline rush going downhill. Samos Island is also the home of some outstanding beaches that are worth visiting like Psalida Beach, Samadou, Psili Ammos and Kokkari beach. If you are a fan of the Greek cuisine, you should visit the various restaurants spread around the city. Stella, Two Spoons, Argo Taverna and Rendezvous 2000 will amaze your taste buds with extraordinary dishes Mati Hotel, Thomas Beach Hotel and Avra Hotel will pamper you with their magnificent seaside views and cheerful staff. Relax on the marvellous beaches of the marina and enjoy delicious cocktails in the summer breeze.

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Attractions in Samos Island

Samos (/ˈseɪmɒs, ˈsæmoʊs/; Greek: Σάμος) in the North Aegean, Greece, is a multidimensional island. Not just is it a marvelous destination spot with outstanding scenic characteristics, including waterfalls, wetlands, authentic villages and astounding coasts, but it hosts fantastic attractions, a wine museum and rare sightseeing suggestions, such as the cavern of Pythagoras, where the Pythagoras theorem most likely came to life.

The island is located south of Chios, north of Patmoand the Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the 1.6-kilometre Mycale Strait. It was known to be a particularly rich and powerful city-state in ancient times, expressly known for its vineyards and mouth-watering wine production, as the exquisite, fragranced Samian wine is exported all over the world. There are a few speculations concerning the name's provenance of Samos. As per one of them, Samos originates from the age... more info