Bring more skippers, explorers and travelers to your marina
  • find clients quicker and easier
  • increase your earnings
  • manage your reservations in real time in a simple way


Free registration & easy steps

There are no sign-up or subscription fees and the registeration is straightforward.

Make known your marina to us

Add your marina details, photos and choose the payment policy that suits you the best. Once we confirm your details, your marina will be set online and you will start getting internet reservations from our easy-to-use booking platform.

Clients from all over the world

We market your marina to worldwide skippers, explorers and travelers.

How it works

We will make known your marina to the world

We present your marina in a way that is appropriate to skippers, explorers and travelers around the world in 4 international languages. Our online promotion on well-known internet sites will significantly increase the visibility of your marina to help you sell more berths and increase your revenue!

Easy & quick management

We offer you a booking platform that is entirely adapted to your needs.

You will receive instant reservations by both email and SMS

You have access to the most intuitive and easy-to-use extranet for a marina, with both instant email and SMS confirmations sent on the occasion of any berth reservation by a client.