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Riga Marinas - Latvia

also known as Rīgas 

Riga Region is one of Latvia’s five regions, located in the central part of the country, on the shores of Gulf of Riga. The region is home to some of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the world. Take a stroll down the streets of the lovely Latvian towns, enjoy the stunning scenery of Gauja National Park and soak up in the serenity and peace of any Latvia’s beaches. Your dream holiday awaits.

Riga is the capital of both the region and the country, a truly wonderful pearl in all Baltic countries, as it is part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Lists. It is a great destination, whether you are travelling for a weekend or a whole week; you will find many places of interest that will impress you. The city’s appearance was marked by the passing of the centuries, and you can notice the details in the architecture of the Old Town, as well as in the centre of the city. It is a place where the old meets the new and find a way to coexist peacefully. Riga’s architecture is a real gem; the churches, medieval buildings and the unique Art Nouveau style combine and the result is simply magical. Riga is also the Cultural Capital of the Baltics. The cultural life had a dynamic boost lately, and it will amaze you.

The Latvian National Opera regularly hosts classical and popular music concerts and exhibitions of modern artists.In the summer of 2014, Latvia’s capital received the title of the European Capital of free WiFi, due to its large number of WiFi spots, about three per square kilometre.

Another magnet for tourists is the town and region of Sigulda, a place with stunning landscapes, situated on the shores of River Gauja. Because of its breathtaking mountain scenery, the region gained the title of Latvia’s Switzerland. You can also visit the castle ruins, Gutmanis Cave, Key Square, Sigulda Walking Stick Park and the historic centres of Krimulda and Turaida.

Cesis is one of Latvia’s oldest towns. You can see the marks of the Middle Ages at the Livonian Order’s Cesis Castle. Ask the locals to share the legends of Riekstu Hill and experience the town’s vibe as you stroll through the lovely narrow streets. Rundale Palace is a very important monument of Baroque and Rococo architecture. It has an imposing design, an astonishing interior and offers a stunning view of the French Park and its rose garden. Also remember to add Jurmala to your „to visit” list, be a part of the resort’s atmosphere and walk down Jomas Street, the oldest one in the city. Other pearls of the city are the sandy beaches, the blue waters, the green forests and the healing air, all guaranteed to satisfy your need for relaxing. Latvia prides with its moving hospitality and Riga Region makes no exception.

There are hundreds of accommodation units that simply wait to amaze you and contribute to your wonderful vacation. Choose your favourite from the many hotels, inns and B&Bs: Dome Hotel & SPA, Gallery Park Hotel, Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa, Concordia, Amber Sea Hotel & SPA, Homestay Riga. You may also want to consider Boutique Hotel & Restaurant MaMa, Light House Hotel, Art Hotel Laine, B&B Riga, Dzintars Hotel, Spare Hotel, Villa Forest Bed & Breakfast.

So you have landed in Riga Region, picked a place to stay, left your luggage in your room and admired the fantastic view. It’ time for lunch; you have to gather your strength to visit all the beautiful places! If you are excited about trying the local food and the national dishes, make a reservation at one of these places: International SV, Bar & Grill 36.Line, Biblioteka No1, Domini Canes, Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs. Don’t miss International, Cafe 53, El As Riga has developed at the crossroads of trade, our metropolis has become a multicultural city in which one can always find a large number of things that are of interest.

Riga is a great destination for a weekend trip, somewhere to gain brand new impressions and to relax.ements, Caviar Club, Lido Alus Seta, Osiriss, Melna Bite, Fazenda Bazars, Restaurant Drova, Burkans, Alberta 1221.Each century has left its mark in the city’s features. They can be seen in the architecture of the Old Town and the City Centre.

This cultural heritage coexists harmoniously with the quick pace of modern living.