Gaidouronisos patroklou Anchorage
Gaidouronisos patroklou Anchorage

Gaidouronisos patroklou

Attica, Greece

Anchor allowed

The anchorage in Gaidouronisos patroklou is allowed. Gaidouronisos patroklou’s seabed is made of sand and rocks. If you anchor in Gaidouronisos patroklou, you can easily reach the by dinghy. Coordinates Gaidouronisos patroklou can be found using the follow
Seabed of sandy mud
Gaidouronisos patroklou's seabed is made of sandy mud.

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Weather in Gaidouronisos patroklou

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Gaidouronisos patroklou before your trip.

El clima

La region

Gaidouronisos patroklou is located at 37⁰ 39' 50.36'' N and 23⁰ 58' 5.36'' E on the Greek part of the Aegean Sea in Attica, Greece

The region of Attica in Greece is well known for hosting the capital of Greece, Athens. Geologically it is a peninsula watered by the Aegean Sea from three sides, while on the north it fringes with the rest of the mainland. The history of Attica is tightly linked with that of Athens, which, from the
Este mapa muestra la ubicación específica de Gaidouronisos patroklou.