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Can I cancel my reservation through MarinaReservation.com?

MarinaReservation.com allows marinas to choose among two standardized cancellation policies (Restrictive and Permissive) that we will enforce to protect both clients and marina alike. Each marina on our site will clearly state the cancellation policy. Clients may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their travel plans and then clicking 'Cancel' on the appropriate reservation. 

Every marina displays on its page of presentation on MarinaReservation.com the type of cancellation policy (restrictive or permissive) that is applied in marina. The type of cancellation policy is chosen directly by the marina and can't be influenced and modified by MarinaReservation.com.

What does it mean a restrictive cancellation policy?

The restrictive policy doesn't allow any refund.

What does it mean a permissive cancellation policy?

 The permissive policy allows a 25% under the following conditions:

A client will be refunded of 25% of the amount paid for a reservation (here including berths and services booking) if he/she cancel the reservation minimum 15 full days before performing the check-in ONLY IF between the booking date and the check-in date there is an interval of minimum 30 full days. 
When cancelling, if there isn't an interval of minimum 15 full days before performing the check-in, the restrictive cancellation policy will come into force and the client will not be refunded
When cancelling, if there isn't a minimum 30 full days interval between the booking date and the check-in date, then the restrictive cancellation policy will come into force and the client will not be refunded.
If the two above conditions are fulfilled, you will be refunded in 7 working days from the moment of cancellation of your trip. 
A reservation is officially canceled when the client clicks the cancellation button on his/her dashboard, which they can find in Dashboard > Upcoming Trips > Cancel.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

 As soon as you have completed the booking payment process the confirmation page appears. This page shows all of your reservation details, including the booking number and your PIN code, so you can access your confirmation online at "My dashboard". MarinaReservation.com will send  you also a confirmation email with all your booking information and a SMS. 

What is my PIN code and what do I need it for?

Your PIN code is the 4 digit number on your booking confirmation, which in combination with your booking number, allows you to check your reservation details from your digital voucher using the Manage Reservation section without being necessary to log in. In "Reservation details" you can view and cancel your booking. Please keep your PIN code confidential.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

A valid credit card is needed to guarantee your reservation with a marina. You can also make a booking on behalf of a legal entity. In this case, please confirm the card holder’s name and that you have permission to use their card, in the request form box when making your payment.

Which credit cards can I use to complete my booking?

 To make a reservation via MarinaReservation.com all  your card should be:


How do I see where a marina is located?

The marina’s presentation page on MarinaReservation.com displays on its  map the location of marina. The marina you are currently looking at will be highlighted, and other marinas located nearby are shown. Once you make a reservation, your confirmation by email will also contain a map that allows you to locate the marina.

Where can I find the contact information for a marina?

 If you have a question for a marina before booking, please see the presentation of the marina on the marina page on MarinaReservation.com.  Besides the presentation of the marina you will find also the facilities available in that marina and their prices.  Some other touristic information is available on the marina page regarding different points of interests in marina or in its immediate vicinity: attractions, habits, festivals, cuisine, etc.  If you do not find your answer there, please contact our Customer Service by phone or email, and we will be happy to ask on your behalf.

Once you have booked, you can see the marina’s contact details in your online booking confirmation. Your confirmation by email will also have this information, and you can see it in under Manage Reservation section as well. 

I will be arriving earlier/later than the stated check-in time. Can I still check-in?

 You can request an early/late check-in in 2 ways: 

You can send us an email with your intended check-in time while making the reservation. MarinaReservation.com will check if marina agrees on and will let you know later.
You can contact the marina directly, using the contact details found in your booking confirmation.
Please note that the marina cannot always accommodate this request; they will be happy to let you have your berth early if there is availability, but there may be no possibilities to offer you a berth if you arrive too early or too late at night at a marina. It's always best to check with the marina directly in this case, to avoid any disappointment. 

Are the facilities in the marina that I have booked guaranteed?

 Yes, the marina facilities you booked are guaranteed by the marina. 

What is the payment processor that MarinaReservation.com is using?

 MarinaReservation.com uses MobilPay as payment processor. More information about MobilPay you can find at this link.

What does the price include?

 The price includes the number of berths you booked during a certain period of time and the facilities you selected on the marina's page during your stay in marina.

The price doesn't include the local fees and taxes that should be paid directly on your arrival in marina.  

I made a reservation but I did not receive a confirmation by email. What do I have to do?

Please carefully check the inbox and the spam/junk folders for the email address you provided when making the booking. You can also use booking number and PIN code shown on the confirmation page when you completed your booking to log on to MarinaReservation.com to see all the information that would be in the confirmation email. If you need any assistance you can contact us.

What is ‘My dashboard" and how do I use it?

  "My dashboard " is a self-service tool, which you can use to view or cancel your reservation online. You can access "My dashboard " directly from: 

MarinaReservation.com, the link is on the top right hand side of the screen.
With the link provided in your confirmation email.
To login to ‘My dashboard" just enter the PIN code and booking number you received on confirmation of your booking.

What types of booking a marina can provide?

 A marina can provide one of the following types of booking:

Direct booking: you can make a reservation directly based on the prices and availability of berths in the marina. You will receive your reservation confirmation instantly after making your payment.
Monitored booking: You will make a availability request in order to know whether there are berths available according to your specified preferences (class length, beam, draught, type of boat and calendar). Please note that some marinas do not have their berths prices advertised on MarinaReservation.com and you have to wait our prices confirmation before making your payment.

What does it mean a direct booking in a marina?

The direct booking is the most advanced method to make a reservation for berths in a marina. 
The direct booking method is directly chosen by marina based on the platform that MarinaReservation.com provides to marinas. 
The marinas that are using the direct booking method are permanently updating their prices and the berths availability so that you can make your reservation without having to wait for the berths availability confirmation. 
You will receive your reservation confirmation instantly after making your payment.
A marina that is using the direct booking method is displayed on the marina's page presentation on MarinaReservation.com so as you know that your reservation is proceed instantly.

What does it mean a monitored booking in a marina?

 • The monitored booking is used by the marinas that are providing some specified information (class length, beam, draught, type of boat, prices or  berths availability) only by request 

The monitored booking method is directly chosen by marina based on the platform that MarinaReservation.com provides to marinas. 
The marinas that are using the monitored booking method are providing their available berths only by request in 48 hours after receiving your booking request
In 48 hours time after receiving your booking request, a marina can either confirm or infirm the availability of the berth(s) you are interested in.
After receiving their confirmation or their rejected availability, MarinaReservation.com will notify you via email.
In case of a confirmation of the berth(s) availability, you have to make your payment for your reservation in 24 hours. MarinaReservation.com will send you a notification to make your payment in 24 hours from the very moment MarinaReservation.com sent you the confirmation . If your payment is not made in 24 hours, the berths will become unavailable. 
If your payment is not made in 24 hours and you are still interested in booking the same berth(s) in the same marina, you have to start again the booking request process and to wait 48 hours for having our email about the berths availability in that marina.