Cervar-Porat Anchorage
Cervar-Porat Anchorage



Anchor allowed

The anchorage in Cervar-Porat is allowed. In Cervar-Porat, there is a seaweedy and muddy seabed. By anchoring in Cervar-Porat, you can reach a water source fast by dinghy. Coordinates The coordinates of Cervar-Porat are 45° 16' 47.8466" N and 13° 35' 38.677
Seabed of fine mud
Cervar-Porat's seabed is made of fine mud.

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Weather in Cervar-Porat

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Cervar-Porat before your trip.

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La regione

Cervar-Porat is located at 45° 16' 47.8466" N and 13° 35' 38.6772" E

Questa mappa mostra la posizione specifica di Cervar-Porat.