Chrisi Milia Anchorage
Chrisi Milia Anchorage

Chrisi Milia


Anchor allowed

The anchorage in Chrisi Milia is allowed. Sand cover the seabed in Chrisi Milia. If you anchor in Chrisi Milia, you can easily reach the Beach by dinghy. Coordinates Chrisi Milia can be found using the following coordinates: 39⁰ 9' 41.36'' N and 23⁰ 53' 1
Seabed of sand
Chrisi Milia's seabed is made of sand.

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Weather in Chrisi Milia

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Chrisi Milia before your trip.

Il tempo

La regione

Chrisi Milia is located at 39⁰ 9' 41.36'' N and 23⁰ 53' 11.36'' E

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