Grotta dell'Eremita Anchorage
Grotta dell'Eremita Anchorage

Grotta dell'Eremita

Apulia, Italy

Anchor allowed

Grotta dell'Eremita is a Recommended Anchorage.
The anchorage in Grotta dell'Eremita is allowed. The seabed Sand and Rocks cover the seabed in Grotta dell'Eremita. Reachable by dinghy If you anchor in Grotta dell'Eremita, you can easily reach the by dinghy. Protection directions aga
Seabed of rock or other hard substrata
Grotta dell'Eremita's seabed is made of rock or other hard substrata.

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Weather in Grotta dell'Eremita

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Grotta dell'Eremita before your trip.

Il tempo

La regione

Grotta dell'Eremita is located at 40⁰ 10' 8.36'' N and 18⁰ 28' 54.36'' E on the Italian part of the Adriatic Sea in Apulia, Italy

The region of Apulia is also known as Puglia in Italian and it is located in the southern side of Italy. This region is special because of the two exits that is has, to the Adriatic Sea and to the Ionian Sea, but also due to the existence of the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Otranto in this region. The southern part of the region is known under the name of Salento or the heel of Italy’s boot.

Puglia plays an important role in Italy’s tourism, thanks to the ultramarine colours of the water, the magnificent cliffs and the hilltop houses that can be seen from a great distance, but also the traditional houses and the multitude of colours that can be encountered in this area. Being one of the wealthiest regions in the country from an archaeological point of view,

Puglia shows that its history goes far beyond the travellers’ imagination. The first to colonize this region were the Mycenaean Greeks, but the Romans played an important role in the development and the evolution of this area and its population. Today, there is an endless number of historical buildings, monuments and sites that prove history’s authenticity and the tourists who will visit these lands will feed their minds and souls with a great deal of energy and information from a past era.

The natural environment is also important in Puglia and it is the one that offers the possibility of reaching a higher state of mind, peace and serenity. Puglia’s main provinces are Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto. The most popular destinations in these provinces are Bari, Lecce, Galipoli, Ostuni, Taranto and Vieste.

Bari is a place of dreams, where the coastal areas offer relaxation and wellbeing and the many touristic attractions offer the visitors of these parts an inspiring journey and active vacations. The main attractions in Bari are Basilica di San Nicola, an architectural masterpiece, Trani, Il Succorpo della Cattedrale di Bari which is a primary layer of history, Teatro Petruzzelli, Lungomare e Murat a Bari, Cattedrale di San Sabino, Castel del Monte, Gravina di Puglia and many more such sites that impress through their architecture, building materials and resistance but also through their stories. The outdoors of Bari are marvellous places that offer the tourists the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the beaches, the parks and the sound of nature everywhere they go.

The region of Puglia is a land of history where most of the buildings are covered in a white layer, the cliffs on the shores are also white and express the rawness of nature and the crystal clear waters are simply charming.

Those who want to spend a few days in Puglia will find that the accommodation services are following the highest standards and the restaurants serve the freshest traditional and international dishes. Some of the most popular hotels in the region of Puglia are Borgo Egnazia, Don Ferrante dimore di Charmein Monopoli, Masseria Torre Maizza in Savelletri, Risorgimento Resort in Lecce, Masseria Torre Cocaro in Savelletri, Furnirussi tenute in Serrano, etc.

Puglia welcomes all of the travellers to explore the major sights on this territory and take advantage of the holiday options that the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea offer.

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