Krakeholmen Anchorage
Krakeholmen Anchorage


Vestfold, Norway

Anchor allowed, Anchor stern to

The anchorage in Krakeholmen is allowed. In Krakeholmen, it is best to anchor stern-to. This type of anchoring, which is also called med-mooring, means that the boat’s stern is anchored to the shore. You first position the boat with the stern facing the quay, then drop your anchor an

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Weather in Krakeholmen

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Krakeholmen before your trip.

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Krakeholmen is located at 59⁰ 10' 40.36'' N and 10⁰ 7' 3.36'' E in Vestfold, Norway

A magnificent retreat with calm waters and a fantastic coastline view - The county of Vestfold is the smallest region in Norway and is located on the west side of the Oslofjord. Numedalslågen River cuts through the heart of this district creating diverse landscapes and a multitude of islands in the vicinity. It is a wildlife paradise with mostly lowlands, the absent mountains or hills making the climate very pleasant.

This region has deep roots in sailing history as it was the command post of Norway’s whaling armada. Vestfold has a regal background, many kings of Norway calling this area home: Erik Agnarsson, Halfdan the Mild or Gudrød the Hunter being the most famous names. This refuge is unique and provides a little change, something a bit different than what you would normally expect from a Norwegian county. It is composed of 14 municipalities, the largest being Larvik, Sandefjord and Horten.

Larvik is an ancient city, bearing the scars of ice movement during the Ice Age. Farris Lake is very popular with tourists and locals as summer approaches, the lake being the perfect place for wind surfing, sunbathing and fishing. Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve was the city founder and his castle on the higher grounds of Lavrik is still open for visitation. Test your abilities in Hoyt og Lavt Aktivitetspark – A local amusement park that offers tourists challenging courses through the trees, rock climbing and a huge line zip.

Sandefjord is known to the world as ’’The Whaling Town” as it was the starting point of whale hunting expeditions. This city is located on the coastline and will let you benefit from its unique sandy beaches, the luxuriant flora on the small islands surrounding it and unexplored forests that await hiking enthusiasts.

Horten is very well known for its French style illuminated streets and shopping areas. Storgaten is Norway’s longest boulevard of shopping opportunities. This is a place of mingling with the locals and experiencing the local city life with restaurants and bars open all year round. With most shops being a family business for generations, the city displays a ”familiar place” vibe. Architecturally speaking, this town is a wonder. The houses here date back to the 19th century and are still intact.

Vestfold offers a variety of accommodations like hotels, cottages and apartments, camping areas and guest harbours. Here is a varied list of all the top rated accommodations: Active Hotel, Best Western Horten Hotell, Apartment Hotel Sandefjord, Anvikstranda Camping, Blokkebukta Camping and Fyllinga Guestharbour.
Choose your place of stay from these outstanding establishments.

Vestfold is very well known for the quality restaurants in the area, pubs and bars. Experience summer evenings in the harbour pubs, traditional Norwegian cuisine and the smell of fresh coffee coming from the cafés in the area. Here is a list of the top restaurants in the area: ""Holes"" Delicacy and Café, ""Traktern"" Coffee Shop, Becks Brasserie & Bar, Esmeralda, Bamboo Garden and Bøkekroa restaurant.

Book your reservations now and take advantage of this outstanding part of the Norwegian heritage. A perfect destination all year round, it awaits for you and your family or friends.

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