Little Dix Bay Anchorage
Little Dix Bay Anchorage

Anchor allowed

Little Dix Bay is a Recommended Anchorage.
The anchorage in Little Dix Bay is allowed. The seabed In Little Dix Bay, there is a sandy seabed. Reachable by dinghy You can get a snack in Little Dix Bay very easy by dinghy. Protection directions against wind and swell

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Weather in Little Dix Bay

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The neighborhood

Little Dix Bay is located at 18⁰ 27' 39.36'' N and 65⁰ 33' 58.64'' W on the British Virgin Islands part of the Caribbean Sea in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda is one of the British Virgin Islands, an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea. The territory is part of the British overseas lands. Virgin Gorda is the third biggest island in its family and one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Most travelers who venture in these parts of the Caribbean Sea make a stop here to enjoy the view, visit the local attractions or book a berth and sail along the shore.

The island has a peculiar nickname that was coined by Christopher Columbus himself; ‘the Fat Virgin’ which is due to the territory’s shape.
The first populations inhabiting this island were the Arawak indigenes. They were followed by Carib tribes and, in the second half of the 15th century; the first Europeans started to discover the island and built the first settlements. The Spanish colonial empire had a strong influence and dominion in this island, but the British were the final conquerors who subdued this wild location.

Nowadays, Virgin Gorda is a welcoming touristic destination, and numerous attractions won't let anyone get bored here. The Baths are probably the most sought after objectives; they are rocky formations that were created due to a volcanic eruption. The Baths are caves that tourists can access by foot or through water and they are a great location both for snorkeling lovers and hikers. Walking through the massive boulders is a great experience no one should skip.

The Gorda Peak National Park is a piece of paradise. The luxuriant vegetation amazes the foreign visitors who don’t have the chance to observe similar species of plants or birds elsewhere. Here, tourists can embark on a long journey to one of the trails and see the highest peak on the island. There are many organized tours for those who don’t want to venture on their own.

The Coppermine Ruins are another major attraction, a vestige of the copper mine that was founded here by the British colonists.

One of the most beautiful areas on the island is the Bitter End; hosting some breathtaking wild beaches. The place is provided with top quality touristic facilities like accommodation and dinners. For those who want to get here by boat, online berth booking is the solution. offers many affordable berths tourists can check out.. 

The Spanish Town is one of the most charming city sights featuring art galleries, restaurants, bars, pubs and souvenir boutiques.

For beach lovers, some of the best locations are the Spring Bay, the beach of the Baths, Savanah Bay, Mahoe Bay or Spring Bay.

A perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, Virgin Gorda doesn’t cease to amaze tourists who anchor on its idyllic shores.

This map shows Little Dix Bay's specific location.

Protection against wind and swell