Bozcaada Anchorage
Bozcaada Anchorage



Anchor allowed

Bozcaada is a Recommended Anchorage.
The anchorage in Bozcaada is allowed. In Bozcaada, there is a sandy and seaweedy seabed. You can get a snack in Bozcaada very easy by dinghy. Coordinates You can reach Bozcaada at the following coordinates: 39⁰ 50' 17.36'' N and 26⁰ 43' 10.36'' E.

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Weather in Bozcaada

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Bozcaada before your trip.

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Bozcaada is located at 39⁰ 50' 17.36'' N and 26⁰ 43' 10.36'' E

This map shows Bozcaada's specific location.