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Kyrenia Marinas - Cyprus

also known as Girne

The picturesque region of Kyrenia is well-known for its medieval marina that attracts many tourists in the Northern Cyprus, being a harbour town. When arriving in Kyrenia, the tourists will observe that the majority of the population consists of Turkish, Cypriots and British people but the appearance of the small town that hosts the 22 000 citizens is inspiring, raw and beautiful, just like the Greek culture and history.

The holiday makers are excited to arrive on these mythical lands, in the middle of a historically rich town, where the thirst for knowledge, beauty, culture and architecture can be met. This small town is loaded with entertaining places, too, offering traditional music and restaurants, bars and clubs, beaches and cafes, playgrounds and many impressive landscapes. The photographers are thrilled with the sights they encounter here during the summer months when the atmosphere is energetic, filled with joy and peace.

The main attraction in Kyrenia is the old port that stands since the 10th century BC. It has a capacity of approximatively 55 boats and yachts. This small and yet amazing marina is surrounded by bars and restaurants, so the tourists can revel during the night time and enjoy the romantic sights. The most popular activities in Kyrenia are golfing, scuba diving, walking on the paths of the mountain, enjoying the orchid walks on the Northern slopes of the mountains, paragliding over the amazing objectives that can take your breath away, turtle watching, boat touring, or going out in dance clubs like Locca Club or W Club.

There are a number of concerts and events during the summertime that can please the tourists due to the amazingly energetic atmosphere. Those who want to explore and discover a small part of history on these lands, can visit the Kyrenia Castel which is located next to the harbour and used to be a prison, the shipwreck museum, which is within the castle, the Fresco Museum which is located at the Church of Arkhangelos, the Baldoken Graveyard and Saint Andrew Church or the museum of Decorative Arts. Some of the most popular locations for an entertaining evening are the Sempati Bar, the Runch Bar, the Valley Restaurant and the Alevkayasi Forest Café.

When it comes to finding accommodation, the tourists are offered a variety of hotels and villas, like the LA Hotel and Resort, the Hotel Sempati, the Acapulco Beach Club and Resort Hotel, the Manolya Hotel, the Riverside Holiday Village, the Oscar Resorts, etc. The small town of Kyrenia is accessible by boat, by airplane or by car. The travellers who come to this place that has kept much of its medieval design and its picturesque sights are people who enjoy the mild climate and who have a taste for refinement and culture.