Cala Bianca Anchorage
Cala Bianca Anchorage

Cala Bianca


Anchor forbidden, Mooring buoys

The seabed in Cala Bianca consists of sand. Anchoring in Cala Bianca is forbidden. If you anchor in Cala Bianca, you can easily reach the Beach by dinghy. Mooring buoys are also available in Cala Bianca. Coordinates The coordinates of Cala Bianca are 39
Seabed of muddy sand
Cala Bianca's seabed is made of muddy sand.

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Weather in Cala Bianca

We strongly advise you to check the weather in Cala Bianca before your trip.

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The neighborhood

Cala Bianca is located at 39° 59' 44.4559" N and 15° 24' 40.7077" E on the Italian part of the Tyrrhenian Sea

This map shows Cala Bianca's specific location.