Isn’t it amazing how time passes by when you travel during the weekend? Most of the times, it feels like time flies and you don’t get to do everything you planned, especially when travelling. However, if you plan a weekend getaway with the right people, you could end up doing exactly what you want.

When the weekend approaches, all you think about is doing things at your own pace. If you enjoy travelling, then you surely know how relaxing it can be when you reach a destination where you can feel like home. You get to enjoy your time without having to be in a constant rush, you get to keep your pace and enjoy different parts of the world that are ready to share their beauty with you.

Therefore, if you are looking for a delightful destination for the weekend, the ideas below might help you decide on the European places that everyone should explore.

1. Korčula, Croatia

Korčula is a Croatian island that lies on the Dalmatian archipelago and enchants its visitors with 279 square feet of nature and history. It is the ideal Croatian island for a long weekend during which silence and serenity can become your best friends. Its history goes back to the Greek times, when it was known as Korkyra Melaina, which means Black Korčula. During your visit here, you can explore the small villages and relax on the quiet coves, discover the Dalmatian traditional values and taste the local wines.

Must-see sights in Korčula

The old city is a popular attraction that you shouldn’t miss while wandering through the city of Korčula. 15th century defenses, the 12 towers and the 20-meters high city walls remind of old ages, when force was still the main advantage of every nation.

Korkula, Croatia

Korkula, Croatia |

The Large Governor’s Tower that was built in 1483 and the Small Governor’s Tower that dates from 1449 can be seen next to the Sea Gate. According to medieval inscriptions that can be deciphered by those who can read Latin, Korčula was founded after Troy has fallen.

The Saint Mark’s Cathedral is another point of interest for most tourists in Korčula. The 15 century limestone that it was built from was perfectly preserved and the naked bodies of Adam and Eve encourage you to question the present.

If you long for some time on a clean, uncrowded beach, then the Pupnatska Luca Beach will be your paradise for the weekend. Surrounded by a dense forest, the crystal clear water and the sounds of nature can be incredibly relaxing.

Pupnatska Luka Beach - Korkula, Croatia |

Pupnatska Luka Beach – Korkula, Croatia |

Also, if you want to heal from the city noise, you should consider taking a wine tour during which you can taste the exquisite flavors of Korčula’s grapes.

You are excited about this place but you don’t know where to stay? One of the luxurious accommodations that Korčula has to offer is the Lesic Dimitri Palace. Here you can enjoy the seaside, the privacy and the historical beauty of the former Bishop’s House that dates in the 18th century.

2. Limassol, Cyprus

If you’re curious to see the birthplace of Aphrodite and you want to get away from the daily routine for the weekend, then Limassol should be your next stop. Although this city isn’t the quietest ever, you can still relax by simply enjoying the unique beaches and views, the impressive marinas and the magnificent Old Town.

Limassol, Cyprus | - Book you berth

Limassol, Cyprus |

Must-see sights in Limassol

There are so many sights that can turn your weekend into the best two days of the year that it will be difficult for you to decide which one to check out first. No matter what you choose, ensure that you get there with an empty stomach, as you will regret not tasting every type of food that you come across.

If you are an archaeology fan, then the Kourion should be the first thing that you should visit. It is a spectacular set of ruins that is situated right on the shore of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Historical evidence shows that this ancient city was populated since the 23rd century BC. Time hasn’t been gentle to this area, but the Theatre, the public baths, the Fountain House, the House of Achilles and the House of Gladiators are still proudly standing.

Curium Greco - Roman Amphitheatre In Limassol |

Curium Greco – Roman Amphitheatre In Limassol |

Should you want to simply stare into the void on one of Limassol’s beaches, you should go to the St Raphael Marina from Limassol, the Aphrodite Beach or the Lady Mile’s Beach.

Marina St Raphael Marina | - Book you berth

Marina St Raphael Marina |

Plenty of outstanding churches and cathedrals will arise in your way during your visit, so if you want to contemplate various architectural styles, you have a lot of objectives to choose from. The Sacred Temple of Saint Arseniou Kappadokou and Pesiou Agioretou, as well as Agia Napa Cathedral are worth paying a visit.

If you plan to relax in a natural environment, then the Akamas peninsula is the best place to spend your time on. Also, if you are a water sports enthusiast, you can dive into the incredibly blue waters, you can relax on a catamaran cruise or attend a kitesurfing course.

There are plenty of accommodation options that you can choose from, but if you are looking for something that will exceed your expectations, then you should book two nights at the Londa Hotel. Here, you will wake up facing the sea and you will enjoy the comfort of impressively designed rooms.

3. Cornwall, England

If you’ll get the chance to visit the south-western side of the United Kingdom this year, then you should definitely head towards Cornwall. You will be amazed by an unexpectedly vivid place, where the land meets the sea. What’s interesting about Cornwall, or Kernow, as the locals call it, is that this old land that used to be a Celtic Kingdom is so different from all the other places in England.

Must-see sights in Cornwall

Although many tourists live with the impression that Cornwall is a tiny coastal town, in reality, it is an entire county that is split in coastal and inland areas. Also, the Lizard Peninsula belongs to this county and it is one of the most interesting places that you can visit here. This destination will offer you high cliffs covered in a green layer and flowers and colorful waters.

Cove and harbour of Port Isaac with ship, Cornwall, England | - Book you berth

Cove and harbour of Port Isaac with ship, Cornwall, England | – Book your berth

This is a great weekend destination because the weather is usually nice, you get to spend some time in a natural environment that is overwhelmingly beautiful and there are plenty of tourist objectives to visit. Moreover, there are plenty of luxurious boutiques and hotels that you can choose from and where you will feel very comfortable.

There are a lot of exciting things to do in this side of the country. For example, the Minack Theatre in Penzace is a landmark that you can’t miss, as it is known to be the most famous open-air theatre. The history, the beauty of nature and the music meet here.

In Bodmin, the Lanhydrock House and Garden will charm you right away, especially if you read a few British classics and you always fantasized about living in a perfectly preserved Victorian home with a gorgeous garden.

Among the most popular objectives in Cornwall you will find the Glendurgan Garden, in Penryn. This is a unique garden that looks like a labyrinth and, at some point, it meets the water.

The great thing about this area is that it is sunny all the time and you can enjoy amazing beaches such as the Fistral Beach in Newquay or the Porthminster Beach in St. Ives.

To conclude, you must know that Cornwall is a land of endless beauty that can’t be compared to any urban tourist spot. You will fall in love with it!


Take these 3 recommendations into consideration next time you want to plan a long weekend and you will surely have the time of your life.