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Cancellation and refund policy allows marinas to choose among two standardized cancellation policies (Restrictive and Permissive) that we will enforce to protect both clients and marina alike. Each marina on our site will clearly state the cancellation policy. Clients may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their travel plans and then clicking 'Cancel' on the appropriate reservation. 
Every marina displays on its page of presentation on the type of cancellation policy (restrictive or permissive) that is applied in marina. The type of cancellation policy is chosen directly by the marina and can't be influenced and modified by
• The restrictive policy.
The restrictive policy doesn't allow any refund. 
• The permissive policy.
The permissive policy allows a 25% refund under the following conditions:
A client will be refunded of 25% of the amount paid for a reservation (here including berths and services booking) if he/she cancel the reservation minimum 15 full days before performing the check-in ONLY IF between the booking date and the check-in date there is an interval of minimum 30 full days. 
If the two above mentioned conditions are fulfilled together, you will be refunded in 7 working days from the moment of cancellation of your trip. 
When cancelling, if there isn't an interval of minimum 15 full days before performing the check-in, the restrictive cancellation policy will come into force and the client will not be refunded.
When cancelling, if there isn't a minimum 30 full days interval between the booking date and the check-in date, then the restrictive cancellation policy will come into force and the client will not be refunded.
A reservation is officially cancelled when the client clicks the cancellation button on his/her dashboard, which they can find in Dashboard > Upcoming Trips > Cancel.