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marina di portisco
  • marina_di_portisco_vhfVHF 69
  • marina_di_portisco_max_length90 m
  • marina_di_portisco_max_depth 10m

Marina di Portisco

  • Private port
  • Sardinia, Italy

Marina di Portisco is hosted by the city of Olbia, which is an Italian coastal city that offers access to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is located in the north-eastern side of Sardinia, a historic island that attracts millions of tourists annually. This marina is also known as Porto di Portisco or Port of Portisco and specializes in recreational activities. There are numerous beaches that impress travellers, as well as historical monuments that are worth visiting. The Basilica di San Simplicio, the Pozzo Sacro Sa Testa, the Tomb of the Giants, etc., are incredible ancient structures that will amaze history enthusiasts. Also, the Archaeological Museum is one of the main attractions in Olbia. The combination of sea and mountain, of blue and green, is simply mesmerising and touches the soul of every tourist who is looking for an impressive vacation. There are electrifying hotels where tourists can accommodate for a few nights, like the Grand President Hotel, the Hotel Cala Cuncheddi, etc.

Mooring and Docking Schedule

Always Open

What are the emergency phone numbers I might need?

– Santa Teresa Gallura Tourist Office: +39 0789 75 41 27
– Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda: +39 0789 56 34 44
– Martime Rescue: 1530
– European Emergency Number: 112
– Police: 113
– Medical Emergency: 118
– Servizi Medici Costa Smeralda: +39 336 50 47 54
– Guardia Costiera: +39 0789 94 498

How to get to Marina di Portisco

• By plane: from the Costa Smeralda Airport take the SS125 road, through Olbia, and take the first exit from the roundabout, then continue on the SP73. Turn right onto SP94 and continue until the sign that says “Marina di Portisco”.
• By ship: From the Port of Olbiatake the SP82 turn right onto the SS125 and then take the first exit from the roundabout and continue onto the SP73. Turn right onto SP94 and continue until the sign that says “Marina di Portisco”.
• From Alghero Airport: Fertilia Take State Road 291 var in the direction of Sassari, and follow the SS 127 towards Olbia.
• From Cagliari Elmas airport: Via E25 and SS 131 towards Olbia
• From the Port of Cagliari: Via E25 and SS 131 towards Olbia
• On the train: When exiting the airport, take the comfortable treadmill that takes you to the train station (, an active service every 20 minutes every day.
• By sea: Porto Rotondo 1 nm; Porto Cervo 9 nm; Bonifacio 29 nm; Punta Ala 117 nm; Ostia 132 nm; Genoa 204 nm; Naples 216 nm; Montecarlo 218 nm.
• By land: Porto Rotondo 14 km; Olbia Maritime station 15 km; Olbia Port 16 km; Olbia railway station 16 km; Olbia center, Corso Umberto 16 km; Porto Cervo 16 km; Arzachena 17 km; Olbia Airport 19 km; Palau 31 km.

Marina di Portisco online booking berth reservation

The facilities for which skippers usually book a berth here

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  • Mooring Assistance

– Clear procedures and assistance for rapid, safe mooring. h24 live hearing on channel VHF 69, where ask for assistance from the S.U.T., power boat, size, manoeuvrability and suitable equipment for assistance for yachts and mega yachts.

  • Water and Electricity

– All the moorings are equipped with water and electricity included in the cost of mooring.

  • Fuel Station and Bunkery

– Open 365 days on the outer breakwater quay.

  • Waste Collection

– The marina manages general waste collection from boats and yachts too and offesr a collection service from open berth. There are two special ecological collection points for the collection of special waste.
– WASTE BOAT SERVICE: From 2016 a new collaboration with Waste Boat Service for “garbage” management on boat and ships not moored in the harbour, which will provide a rapid, efficient, regular and reliable service, guaranteeing traceability of waste and delivery according to law.

  • Hire of equipment

– The marina hires out a range of equipment that you may need when moored, such as electrical adaptors for our electrical socket towers.

  • Wi-Fi and Tablet

– Internet guaranteed for everyone via a wifi line that covers the entire marina. Access if free and if you don’t have a tablet to connect with you can ask our staff for one.

  • Courtesy Car

– For any rapid need, we provide a courtesy car that you can request from our offices.

  • Guard Service and Video-Surveillance

– Remote control access, a staff that mans the entire marina discreetly and a widespread system of cameras that allows us to constantly control what is going on and guarantees a quiet, safe stay for everyone.

  • Car Parking

– Approximately 320 parking places, supervised and arranged along the wharfs in the port and in the dedicated area on quay 5. The parking spaces must be paid for and we have special tariffs for all needs. You can book your parking place directly online, at the port reception or at the automatic machine. You will be given a badge at the port and from then on you will be able to access the various entrances without any problems. Do you only need to load and unload your luggage? No problem, the first 30 minutes of parking are free.

Nearby Amenities

  • Hotel Le Sirene
  • 9 minutes ( 3.1 km )
  • Hivaoa Ristorante Pizzeria
  • 5 minutes ( 350 m )
  • Colonna Resort
  • 8 minutes ( 3 km )
  • Balocco Hotel
  • 15 minutes ( 1 km )
  • Restaurant Aruanà Churrascaria Poltu Quatu
  • 9 minutes ( 4 km )
  • Ristorante Aqua Lounge
  • 4 minutes ( 300 m )

What is Marina di Portisco recommended for?

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Families with children
  • Tranquility
  • Beaches
  • Business

Nearby Main events

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    • Carrasciali Timpiesu
    • every year in February

– The Gallura Carnival is a festival with far-off origins, and is held in Tempio Pausania.
– Carrasciali Timpiesu is held in Tempio Pausania. This is Carnival in Gallura a festival that has far-off origins, with King George as the protagonist, the monarch with a ruddy appearance and a shaky reign, the symbol of power, who meets a young, lucky working-class lady, Mannena, during carnival. The masks from the past are an element of continuity this year. There will be masked processions, music, entertainment and dances.
– For more information:

    • Spring in the Heart of Sardinia
    • every year from 22 April to 25 June

– Similarly to Autunno in Barbagia, another twenty Sardinian villages present their tradition in a spring scenery, different in color and scent but equally fascinating.
– For more information:

    • Primavera in Gallura
    • every year in April

– The largest traveling event in Gallura, where language, customs, costumes, and food are different from the rest of the island.
– Spring in Gallura involves 12 Gallura towns on the sea and in the mountains. They are: Oschiri, Arzachena, Berchidda, Budoni, Tempio Pausania, Santa Teresa Gallura, Loiri Porto San Paolo, La Maddalena, Badesi, Aggius, l’Aglientu and Luogosanto.
– The largest traveling event in Gallura intends to retrace the ancient paths of the winter transhumance on cattle-drawn carriages, to rediscover the historical memory of this land, with its lifestyles and traditions, to recover them and show them to the public in the most suitable season, Spring.
– Each town or village shows its own traditions and its best food and wine, delicacies from a wonderful area.
– For more information:

    • San Pantaleo local market
    • every year, from May to September every Thursday

– Do not miss this event. From early morning, every Thursday the famous local market of San Pantaleo takes place around the church in the center of the village.
– Among bright colors, music, and scents visitors can find everything.
– The local market with strong artistic identity offers local handicrafts, wrought iron, ceramics, wood; visitors can find antiques and precious items, carpets, clothing (light linen clothes for the beach and evenings), accessories and handmade jewels.
– Not to mention the scent of local products, such as cheeses, honey, fruit, and vegetables.

    • Feast of San Simplicio
    • every year on the 14th and 15th of May

– For the occasion of the feast of San Simplicio, the patron saint, in addition to the parades in folk dresses, sports tournaments and musical events, every year the festival of mussels, cooked marinara-style, is organized.

    • Porto Cervo Wine festival
    • every year in May

– The best of food and wine in Costa Smeralda, meet with the most famous chefs, enjoy guided tastings and book presentations; organized every year by the hotels of Cala di Volpe, Cervo, Pitrizza and Romazzino, it takes place in the center of Porto Cervo.
– Tickets can be purchased online, entry is allowed for those aged 18 and above and pets are not allowed.
– All participants are provided with a glass.

  • Stalls in Cannigione
  • every year from June to September

– From July to September From 8:30 p.m. every evening on the promenade, the colorful stalls of the local market of Cannigione are a must see while enjoying a walk.
– In conjunction with the local market, other cultural, musical and artistic events will take place during the entire summer

  • Festival Una Notte in Italia
  • every year in July

– Italian cinema on the island of Tavolara: a perfect mix of tourism and protection for the landscape.
– The Una Notte in Italia festival, started in 1991 by a group of friends enamored of Isola di Tavolara and the seventh art, followed the production and happenings of Italian cinema for years, involving authors and actors for years. The festival has always had the same prerogatives: lots of Italian cinema, sometime the type worst treated by the distribution circuits, the same background (Tavolara has been defined as the most attractive open-air arena in the world and a real cinema in paradise) and the desire to state that a priceless environmental asset like the island of Tavolara can be used with intelligent proposals that combine landscape protection and tourism to perfection.
– Transfers by ferry…. Each evening at 18.30 from the wharf at Porto San Paolo. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office on the wharf. The crossing lasts 20 minutes. The return journeys are after the first and second showing.
– Environmental conditions: Please take a sweater for the nighttime breezes and a light waterproof jacket for the crossing. Restaurants and bars: da Tonino, tel. 078958570, restaurant with fish dishes and adjacent bar with a wide range of sandwiches, snacks and ice creams.

  • Mirtò, mirto in festival
  • every year in August

– More than a festival, this is a journey among food and wine, culture and the environment of the Tellti area.
– Shows, folklore, culture, traditions, music and food and wine. “Mirtò, mirto in festival” is more than just a festival, it is a real territorial marketing project that starts with mirto – the main product of the area – and moves towards an integrated offer of food and wine, cultural and environmental offers, aimed at developing sustainable tourism in the area of Tellti.
– Do not miss “Lu caminu de li cosi boni“, a food and wine path around the roads of the historical centre, discovering the ancient tastes of traditional Gallura cuisine.
– For more information:

  • Festival Time in Jazz
  • every year in August

– Founded in 1988 and run by Paolo Fresu in his home town of Berchidda, the Time in Jazz festival is one of the most popular national live music events in Italy, an event that attracts thousands of spectators to this corner of north Sardinia between Gallura and Logudoro every summer. Its success is due to the formula of quality and originality of the various artists appearing each year.
– The festival calendar is full of appointments that carry on for seven consecutive days, from morning until night, in different places and spaces: the large arena organised in the main square of Berchidda, the location for evening concerts, but also the woods on Monte Limbara, the country churches around the town and other centers that the festival uses, historical or nature sites, that represent the local social-cultural fabric. Jazz and improvised music are the biggest attraction, of course.
– For more information:

  • Autumn in Barbagia, Cortes Apertas
  • every year from September to December

– Autumn in Barbagia leads tourists and Sardinians on a tour in the villages of the Sardinia interior, where visitors can immerse themselves in the history of every place through the “cortes apertas”.
– Every weekend, for two or in some cases for three consecutive days, a village hosts the event and offers its tradition and cuisine, its music and dances, craftsmanship and art.
– For the event calendar see the official website at the following address:

  • Festival “Musica sulle Bocche”
  • every year in September

– An international jazz festival that brings the best of regional, national and international music to Sardinia.
– International guests, special events and a special taste for innovation and combination of different musical languages.
– Enzo Favata, an internationally renowned musician, had the idea of organizing a jazz festival here in 2001, to bring the best of regional, national and international music to Sardinia. It started in Santa Teresa Gallura and grew thanks to support from the town’s council, that believed in it from the start, and also thanks to contributions from the Regional Administration, the Olbia-Tempio Province, and the Banco di Sardegna Foundation.
– For more information:

  • Benvenuto Vermentino
  • every year in October

– Hosting the event, in addition to the Gallura wine cellars, also the Vermentini in Northwest Sardinia, Tuscany, Liguria and Corsica.
– Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October 2015, in the historical center of Olbia, the Consorzio del Vermentino di Gallura D.O.C.G. Is the protagonist of the “Benvenuto Vermentino” event with its Vermentino wines. The event is held over two days and its main goal is to promote Vermentino and its production area, with round tables, technical interviews, aperitifs with musical accompaniment and tasting.

Local Attractions

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  • Spiaggia di Liscia Ruja
  • 9.6 km
  • Nuraghe La Prisgiona
  • 21.2 km
  • Necropolis of Li Muri
  • 25.3 km
  • Complesso nuragico di Malchittu
  • 15.4 km
  • Nuraghe Albucciu
  • 14.3 km
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