The Bermuda islands are a must see location for everyone whose dream vacation implies an exotic warm place. This beautiful archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean is a welcoming destination that hosts thousands of tourists throughout the year. Here you can find the utmost comfortable accommodations and plenty activities to carry on during your stay

Admire the Surroundings

If you are used to reserve a berth, you can visit beautiful beaches and travel easier from one island to another. There is a wide range of beaches; some of them have fine white sands, others offer  a picturesque view of pink sands, some are secluded, others are crowded with diners and accommodation facilities.

Make the most out of your vacation by checking out these terrific destinations: the Tobacco Bay Beach, the Church Bay Beach, the Horseshoe Bay Beach, the Hog Bay Beach, the Elbow Beach, John Smith’s Bay Beach or the sea glass beaches in St. George.


The Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda | Photo source:

Visit Popular Touristic Objectives

Some of the top touristic attractions in the Bermuda is Hamilton. This is the capital city of Bermuda and the main cultural center. Here, tourists can enjoy the colorful colonial architecture, buy a unique souvenir or visit some of the interest points like the zoo, the Bermuda Aquarium, the Cathedral Of The Most Holy Trinity, Fort Hamilton, the Bermuda National Gallery, or the Harbor Gallery.

Other popular destinations on these islands are the historical tours of Saint George, the South Shore Park, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, the Masterworks Museum, St. Catherine’s Fort.


The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse | Photo source:

Learn More About the Underwater World

If you are fascinated by the underwater fauna, the Bermuda islands will offer you the chance to learn more about this topic. The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute in Hamilton is a great place where tourists can understand the marine diversity visiting one of the exhibitions. Another in demand experience is seeing one of the submarine simulators of the institute.

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish is the best location for tourists who love dolphins. Here you can admire them and have a lot of fun while they perform tricks. Tourists can also play with these extraordinary creatures or feed them.


The Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish | Photo source:

There are plenty locations where you can practice snorkeling or diving. The archipelago praises itself for amazing reef formations, splendid corals, and numerous marine species. Those who are drawn by mystery can also explore some of the shipwrecks in the area.

The Bermuda Islands are gifted with an amazing natural diversity. The place is well provided with every touristic facility you might need including berth reservation, guided tours, and numerous diners that offer fresh fish dishes. This place is a great destination for every person who enjoys water activities and sightseeing.