Sailing is a mix of science and art that requires your full attention and it must be taken very seriously by those who want to discover more about it. However, with a bit of will and motivation, anyone can learn how to sail.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional sailor, you should know that it takes time to gain some experience and that there are always new things to learn. Any effort is worth taking as there is no other activity that can help you visit so many secluded, hidden and impressive places in a short period of time. When you sail you get a priceless perspective over the world.

Therefore, if you’re planning to sail sometime soon, you should know that technology can be a great help. You can access a wide variety of information in almost no time, from all kinds of fields and sailing is no exception.

Discover the best apps and platforms for boaters and enjoy sailing even more:

1.      Wind Alert

You can’t sail properly when the weather is unpredictable, right? It is so much easier when you have access to the wind forecast, especially when you aren’t limited to a certain area. This wind forecast app is essential for any sailor who wants to travel safely by boat. Information regarding the tides and water temperature is also displayed and you can find it both on Play Store and App Store.

2.      Wave Trax

If you are a passionate sailor who can do everything on his own, but you would still appreciate some assistance, then this app is for you. The Wave Trax app has a simple interface that you can easily access, create an account and set a starting and ending point. It keeps track of your itinerary, the traveled distance and the time you spent sailing. The best thing is that you can tag your trips, take photos and write notes that you can share on social media or on your website. This app is available only in the App Store.

3.      Marina Reservation

Marina Reservation is an online fully integrated berth booking platform that has a sleek, modern design and easy-to-use features. Users can create an account, search for berths by marina, region or country and book them on the spot. The great thing about this platform is that it offers updated weather information for every region in Europe, as well as detailed descriptions of every marina. Users can also find detailed information about each area, including the facilities and local attractions.

Take advantage of the benefits that these great apps and platforms offer you next time you plan a trip with your friends and family. You will manage to organize your time more efficiently, discover exquisite destinations and know which areas to avoid when the weather gets ugly.