What does sailing mean?

What does sailing mean? The Dictionary of Nautical Terms defines sailing as the movement of a vessel by means of her sails along the surface of the water. Sailing, or the sailings, is a term applied to the different ways in which the path of a ship at sea, and the variations of its geographical position, are represented on paper, all which are explained under the various heads of great circle sailing, Mercator’s sailing, middle latitude sailing, oblique sailing, parallel sailing, plane sailing.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, sailing means the sport or activity of using boats with sails. Definitions from Oxford Languages explain us the meaning of sailing word as the action of sailing in a ship or boat or an act of beginning a voyage or of leaving a harbour.

Merriam-webster’s dictionary defined sailing as the sport of handling or riding in a sailboat.

​What is the meaning of the word sailing? The English word “sailing” can be translated as the following words in WordNet (Princeton University Library)
– riding in a sailboat
– the departure of a vessel from a port
– glide, gliding, sailplaning, soaring

What does sailing mean

Wiktionary’s definition of sailing is the motion across a body of water in a craft powered by the wind, as a sport or otherwise or:
– the skill needed to operate and navigate a vessel
– The time of departure from a port

The dictionary by Merriam-Webster (America’s most trusted online dictionary for English word definitions) offers us a better definition of sailing term:
– the act of one who, or that which, sails; the motion of a vessel on water, impelled by wind or steam; the act of starting on a voyage.

Freebase translates the meaning of the word sailing in a more technical and detailed way. Sailing is the propulsion of a vehicle and the control of its movement with large foils called sails.

By changing the rigging, rudder, and sometimes the keel or centreboard, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to move the vessel relative to its surrounding medium and change its direction and speed.

Mastery of the skill requires experience in varying wind and sea conditions, as well as knowledge concerning sailboats themselves and an understanding of one’s surroundings.

While there are still some places in the world where sail-powered passenger, fishing and trading vessels are used, these craft have become rarer as internal combustion engines have become economically viable in even the poorest and most remote areas. In most countries sailing is enjoyed as a recreational activity or as a sport.

Recreational sailing or yachting can be divided into racing and cruising. Cruising can include extended offshore and ocean-crossing trips, coastal sailing within sight of land, and daysailing.

What is the synonym of sailing?

The best synonyms of sailing are defined by Collins Online Dictionary:
– go by water
– cruise, voyage
– ride the waves
– go by sea