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Ibiza Marinas

Balearic Islands, Spain - also known as Eivissa 

Discover the best marinas in Ibiza and make a marina reservation for an unforgettable sailing holiday in the Balearics.

Ibiza is a famous island that is surrounded by emerald and ultramarine waters. This destination is well known for its breathtaking beaches, the vibrant nightlife and the remarkable panoramas. Ibiza is also known as Eivissa in Catalan and it is situated on the eastern side of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the largest island in the Balearic Islands and it is only 49 miles away from the Spanish shorelines.

Ibiza became famous due to the modern life, the electronic music, the night clubs and the energetic atmosphere that these entertaining places have provided for the tourists for many years. The island has its own airport and marina, so the tourists can easily access these lands of beauty. Even though, today, Ibiza is a modern island, the historical sources claim that in 654, when the Phoenicians first discovered the place, they dedicated it to the Egyptian god, Bes, the god of music and dance. Therefore, the original name of Iboshim, then the name of Ebusus and later on, the name of Formentera and Pityussae, were all dedicated to a life of joy and happiness, where the relaxed state of mind was extremely important.

The island of Ibiza used to be an important trading point and it produced dye, sauce, wool, salt and fish that were commercialized. Even so, it also endured rough times, during the numerous wars and conquers, but the rock island that covers almost 600 square kilometres kept evolving and rising from the dust. The perfect weather conditions attract a great number of tourists throughout the year, especially during the summertime. This popular destination is a combination of a modern and traditional life, where the travellers can discover many cultural and historical treasures, but can also enjoy nautical sports, a wide range of leisure activities and important touristic attractions.

The groups of tourists are overwhelmed by the beauty of the beaches and the natural landscapes, which is why many boat trips take places, as well as cruises and private yacht tours. Es Vedra, Cala Compte, Cala Conta, Cala Llentia, Cala Tarida, are just a few of the popular beaches in Ibiza Town. The most important landmarks in Ibiza are Punta d’es Moscarter and Torre de Portinatx, Faro de Botafoc, Estatua del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus and Can Pep Simo. Those who are passionate about history can always visit the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art, Museu Puig Molin, Necropolis del Puig des Molins and the Museum of Archaeology.

This destination is thrilling and it offers the best conditions for water sports and leisure activities. Diving, sailing, yachting, surfing, parasailing and sea-horse diving are just a few of the most attractive activities that can boost the levels of adrenaline of the tourists and offer them an incredible vacation. When it comes to the nightlife in Ibiza, the nightclubs, cafes and bars are everywhere. Clubs such as Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege, Ushuaia or Bora Bora are everywhere and they can receive a large number of people every night. Having fun and spending amazing summer nights is a habit on this island. The most thrilling of all activities are the boat parties, the beach parties that take place during the day and night, the foam parties and the festivals.

This is the perfect destination for any type of tourist, for active and passive people, for the sun seekers and yoga practitioners, but also for surfers, party people and adventurers.

Discover and make a marina reservation in your perfect Ibiza marina.