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Solta Island Marinas

Split-Dalmatia, Croatia - also known as

 Solta Island is, without doubt, one of the hidden gems of the Adriatic. It is located only 18 km from Split. If you sail here, you’ll find the ports in Solta quite welcoming.

If you want to book berths in Solta at one of the best marinas in Solta, contact us for further details.

This island is not new to us and we recommend a berth booking in Solta at Martinis Marchi where we can easily get marina reservations for your next sailing trip.

If you decide to come here by ferry, there are connections from Rogac and Split. On its 80 km of coast, the island displays the genuine beauty of the Dalmatian landscape.

The island is covered by hills, so everywhere you look around you, you’re literally surrounded by nature. The island’s flora comprises a myriad of shrubs and different herb species which attract bees. Consequently, the island is renowned for honey production.

Solta is perfect for explores who love to venture amidst hidden coves. Its large bays and beautiful beaches are patiently waiting to be discovered. The best part of the island for hiking and exploring coves is the southern side. Šešula Bay, close to Maslinica is one of the main sailing areas. Poganica Bay, lying near Šešula, is as charming as its little beach. Tatinja Bay is another perfect getaway for beach seekers. If your main goal is to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the sea, Donja and Gornja Krušica bays, located in the North, are the best choice.

There are numerous accommodation choices in Solta’s towns, ranging from hotels to apartments for rent. If your main preoccupation is getting to know the local cuisine, you’ll be busy as a bee. Every town on the island offers dining facilities. The best places to eat out are located in Grohote and Maslinica.

Some of the popular places where you can spend a relaxing holiday in Solta ate the charming villages of Grohote, Maslinica, Necujam, Rogac. Stomorska.

Grohote is the main settlement on the island. It is located in close proximity to the ferry service. As the island’s capital, Grohote is the place where you’ll find the largest number of tourist facilities including post service, shops, pharmacy and medical center.

In Maslinica, there is a beautiful promenade where you can take a quiet stroll and admire the sea. Here, you can also find berths in Solta, in the local harbor. The highlight of the village is however the Martinis Marchi castle. A former royal residence, the castle is now a luxury accommodation facility.

Necujam enjoys a privileged position, lying in the largest bay of the island. Also, the biggest beach in Solta is located here. By night, the place becomes crowded with ships anchoring in the bay, creating a beautiful image of lights reflected on the sea.

Rogac is the place that connects the island to Split by ferry. Stomorska is a beautiful village situated in the North. One of the oldest harbors in Solta is located here. Stomorska is lined with restaurants, cafés and boutiques and it is one of the most appealing tourist spots on the island.