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      Distance from Wels to Istanbul

      The shortest distance (air line) between Wels and Istanbul is 882.78mi (1,420.70 km)

      How far is it between Wels and Istanbul.

      Wels is located in Linz-Wels, Austriacountry within 48° 8' 60" N 14° 1' 0.12" E (48.1500, 14.0167) coordinates. The local time in Wels is 15:34 (28.05.2024)

      Istanbul is located in Istanbul, Turkeycountry within 41° 0' 48.96" N 28° 57' 18" E (41.0136, 28.9550) coordinates. The local time in Istanbul is 17:34 (28.05.2024)

      The calculated flying distance from Wels to Istanbul is 882.78miles which is equal to 1,420.70 km.

      Wels, Linz-Wels, Austria

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      Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

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