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Batsfjord, Finnmark, Norway

Batsfjord Marina is one of the biggest fishing ports situated in Batsfjord village, in Varanger Peninsula. If you plan to relax and enjoy a quality time with your friend and family, you can choose Batsfjord for its fishing opportunities like ice fishing, deep sea fishing and inland fishing. If you all love nature, visit Varangerhalvøya National Park for its great hiking and the reindeer herds. Take a walk on the shore of Barents Sea and let the polar wind blow your hair while observing sea eagles, whales and porpoises in their natural environments. Want to spend some time in the village? You can visit the Båtsfjord Church, or one of the three whaling stations that are now abandoned. The village offers also some shopping facilities so can find nice souvenirs for your home friends. You can find accommodation at Polar Hotel or Scandic Vadso. Get hungry? Pay a visit to Batsfjord Brygge AS and try the local delicious arctic dishes made with Grouse, Reindeer, Salmon or King Crab.

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Attractions in Finnmark

The history of Finnmark kicks off with the Sami people, the first ones who explored this rigid territory. In the 1st century, the Roman writer Tacitus said that the Sami people were primitive and slept on the ground and wore animal skins.The Sami culture is famous for reindeer herding and the cone-like shape "tents" Laitok/Lavvu. Their life was dependent on the reindeer that were used as transport animals, food and clothing. Parts of the animals were used for helping the Sami fabricate their own clothes.In the inner parts of Finnmark, the Sami people still make up the majority of the county’s people and the Sami language started in schools in the 1970s keeping Sami traditions alive.

During World War II, all of Finnmark County was torched. Reconstruction of the area meant an enormous impact on the architecture. To this day, you can see different styles and colors throughout the county.

Finnmark is split into 19 municipalities, the largest... more info