Circolo Nautico Vasto Marina
Circolo Nautico Vasto Marina
Circolo Nautico Vasto Marina
Circolo Nautico Vasto Marina
Circolo Nautico Vasto Marina
Circolo Nautico Vasto Marina presents

Circolo Nautico Vasto

Abruzzo, Italy
Berth Characteristics
  • 100 berths
  • Max Length 10 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Circolo Nautico Vasto by calling VHF.

 Over the years, new needs have committed the partnership to acquiring a concession area in the port of Punta Penna to allow the mooring of pleasure boats owned by the same members and to welcome passing boats in our city. The Punta Penna site, enriched with a storage area on the ground, some s

Facilities of Circolo Nautico Vasto

  • Toilets
  • Ramp
  • Car parking
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Berth prices updated for 2021

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The neighborhood

Circolo Nautico Vasto is located in Abruzzo.

The region of Abruzzo is located in Southern Italy and it has an exit to the Adriatic Sea, offering its locals and its guests coastal towns and cities to enjoy throughout the year. There are wonderful landscapes to be admired in this area and a complexity of natural combinations.

Gran Sasso d’Italia, the coastal area and the rich vegetation are the perfect combination for those who want to completely relax and forget about the urban agitation. Abruzzo received the title of the greenest region in Europe, due to the existence of three national parks and no less than 38 natural protected reservations. These territories are home to rare species of birds and animals but also to glaciers and impressive plants.

The territory of Abruzzo is extremely old, archaeological evidence showing that it was inhabited since the Neolithic period. During the Roman occupation, this land’s name changed several times, being known as Picenum, Sabina et Samnium, Campania et Samnium and Faminia et Picenum. Previous civilisations left behind a huge heritage that is highly appreciated and well-kept in today’s museums, even though many of the evidence, buildings and monuments were destroyed during the wars and the unfortunate earthquakes that took place along the years.

Today, Pescara is the most populous province in this region, while L’Aquila is the largest. The most popular destinations in Abruzzo are also Vasto, Chieti, Montesilvano, Roseto Degli Abruzzi and more. Pescara is one of the preferred destinations of the tourists who choose to spend their vacations in this region.

This province has many attractions to offer and it is suitable for those who are looking to spend unforgettable moments during the summertime and wintertime in Italy. The main landmarks of the area are Ponte del Mare, Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo, Abrum-La Fabbrica delle Idee, Paparella Trecci-Devlet Museum, Pineta Dannunziana, La Fontana Nave di Cascella and many others that have a historical and a cultural significance.

L’Aquila is the least populous of the region’s provinces, yet the largest. This province is home to many impressive sights, such as Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio, Fontana delle 99 cannelle, Santuario San Pietro della Lenca, Piazza del Duomo, Basilica Di San Bernardino, Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Fontana Luminosa, etc. These areas are romantic places with a mixture of styles like Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, etc, where the travellers can have their share of art and architecture.

The adventurers and those who want to see some more of the region’s treasures can attend the touristic tours, the private tours or take boat trips in order to discover the beauties of the surroundings. In Abruzzo, everyone can enjoy the dramatic mountain scenery and the diversity of the landscapes. There are incredible places in this area that remind the travellers that nature is still the most powerful force on the planet and it should be protected in order to receive its best resources. Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga and Parco Nazionale della Majella are only two of the places where the lush vegetation shows off its incredible value.

Everyone is invited to enjoy these marvellous treasures of Italy in the region of Abruzzo which is a place where fresh air and wellbeing prime.

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