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Club de Regatas Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain

Club de Regatas Mazarrón is situated in the coastal town with the same name and it specializes in organizing nautical competitions and social events. Being situated in the province of Murcia, Mazarron has borrowed many of the Murcian traditions in time, which is why travellers who will reach this destination will live an authentic experience. Mazarron seems to be a simple municipality, but it hides a few historical gems that are worth visiting while in the area. C1 or Castillitos represents a military fort that was used during the war and it is one of Mazarron’s main landmarks. Those who are fond of nature should not miss Sierra de la Almenara, which is a natural treasure and a historic area of a great value. Murcian Modernism can be sensed in some of today’s architectural styles, such as the Mazarron Town Hall. Guided tours are very popular among tourists who come here expecting to see nothing more than a wide bay and a great coastline, and leave with valuable historic knowledge.

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Attractions in Murcia

The region of Murcia, or the Comunidad Autonoma de la Region de Murcia, is one of the 17 regions of Spain, being located in the south-eastern side of the country. Murcia is located on the Seguera River and between Valencia, Andalucia and Castilla-La Mancha and it only has one province. The capital of the region is the city of Murcia, other popular destinations being Cartagena, Los Alcazares, la Manga des Mar Menor, San Javier and Puerto de Mazarron. This beautiful side of Spain is enriched by the rich vegetation, by the fertile lands and the green areas that surround the modern attractions.

Murcia was founded in 825 by the Emir of Cordoba and it was known as Madinat Mushiyah. The majority of the population was Arab and the entire city was built following the Arab culture and knowledge. Most of today’s monuments date since the XIVth century in both the city and the rural areas. The museums and exhibitions offer the best opportunities to admire the ancient cultu... more info