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Floro, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Florø Marina is a small harbor situated in the city with the same name, conveniently located on the Hardangerfjord. Florø provides easy access to the island of Florelandet. This little outpost of tranquility offers one of the most unique experiences in the world – swimming with dolphins and snorkeling in the deep waters of the North Sea. Imagine yourself playing with these marvelous creatures and experience firsthand their behavior in their natural environment. Accommodations can be found all across Florø and will always welcome you with open arms. The top rated hotels in the vicinity are: Fossheim Holiday Home, Florø Rorbu, Batalden Havbu and Florø Hotell (located very close to the marina). Feeling hungry after a long day out on the water? Then visit some of Florø’s restaurants. With extraordinary cuisine and long standing traditional cooking these establishments will transform even the most pretentious tourist into a long time customer: Hjornevikbua Restaurant, Knutholmen and Kokker.

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Attractions in Sogn og Fjordane

The home of the longest fjord in Norway and the biggest icecap in the world - Sogn og Fjordane is a county in the western part of Norway, bordered by Møre og Romsdal and Hordaland. This unique region is surrounded by luscious green valleys and mountains. With gentle climate, Sogn og Fjordane is one of the areas where light never leaves the sky, especially in the warm seasons. Summertime will make you feel that it is endless as the skies will never get fully dark.

The island of Måløy is the perfect “go point” of any cruise around the peaky mountains and tall cliffs. This is an area of peace with large areas filled with vegetation and huge trees, giving the feeling of the Dinosaur Age. Fishing expeditions can be booked, or you can try mingling with the locals and letting them take you on fishing expeditions. These experiences are designed to connect you with Norway’s famous Halibut - A prehistoric fish that will give you the fishing... more info