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Hangonkylon Marina Lein Oil Home, Southern Finland, Finland

Hangonkylon Marina Lein Oil Home, also known as Hangokylon Port is a Finnish marina that is hosted by the town and municipality of Hanko or Hango, in southern Finland and the region of Uusima. This marina specializes in recreational activities and tourism and offers its guests natural surroundings, sublime views and the possibility of sailing in the peaceful waters of the Gulf of Finland and its archipelagos. Those who will travel to this location by boat will observe idyllic waterfronts with an old church rising in the middle of this traditional town and lush vegetation covering the entire territory. This is an ideal spot for water sports and nautical activities, giving the perfect weather conditions in the area and the unspoilt beauty of this place. Sandy and pebbly beaches can be found by those who are looking to unwind on the shore, from cobalt blue to emerald green waters and various facilities that will help tourists spend an amazing time in this Scandinavian destination.

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Attractions in Southern Finland

Southern Finland is a former province that can be found in the beautiful Finland, being comprised of six regions and 72 municipalities. It offers access to the Gulf of Finland and it is bordered by the province of Western Finland and Eastern Finland. This side of the country is dominated by the urban agglomeration of the city of Helsinki and even though it spreads on a rather small territory, it is the most populous area in Finland. Also known as Etelä-Suomen Lääni, it is a picturesque location of northern Europe, where Helsinki, Hameenlinna, Kotka, Porvoo, etc., are popular destinations due to national historical heritage, natural beauty and medieval attractions.

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