Kuivastu Marina
Kuivastu Marina
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Saaremaa, Estonia
Berth Characteristics
  • berths
  • Max Length 60 m
  • Max Draught 3 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Kuivastu by calling VHF16.

Kuivastu Marina is situated in the town of Orissaare, on the North Eastern coast of Saaremaa Island. The visitors will fall in love with the unspoilt beauty of the area, the peaceful landscapes, the ability to not worry for a second as you take in the clean, fresh air and the general feeling you get

Facilities of Kuivastu

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Water
  • Dressing rooms
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The neighborhood

Kuivastu is located in Saaremaa.

Saaremaa (or Saare County) is Estonia’s largest island, situated on the Western coast of the country. It is a part of the West Estonian Archipelago, along with Hiiumaa Island. The island has a rich history and maritime heritage, as signs of inhabitance were found over the years, dating back from 5000 BC. Legends also speak of Vikings and Estonian pirates. Saaremaa kept its uniqueness through time because of its isolation and location. The villages still have houses with stone fences and thatched roofs, which gives them a truly wonderful fairytale appearance. Among the symbols of Saaremaa, you will find dolomite stones, classic windmills and home made beer.

Kuressaare is the county’s capital and single city; it started its existence as a market. The jewel of the city is The Episcopal Castle, the only intact fortress of the Baltic countries, dating back from Medieval times. The castle is a now a museum, a well-preserved building, where you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the city’s history. Saaremaa is a heaven for nature lovers; it has a mild maritime climate and a rich soil which translates into various flora and fauna. Each year, the island is home to hundreds of thousands of birds, migrating to or from their home. Viidumae Natural Reserve, Vilsandi National Park and the Kaali Meteorite craters are protected nature monuments and attractions you must not miss on your trip, as they are extremely beautiful and accessible to tourists.

The Estonian cuisine has recipes that are traditionally based on potatoes, meat and fish. Although it has many original dishes, over the years some of them got foreign influences: German, Russian and Scandinavian. The four items that define the drinking and eating habits of the Estonian people are beer, vodka, rye bread and pork. Here are some of the traditional dishes you must try during your trip: black pudding with lingonberry sauce, rosolje (beetroot, potatoes and herring salad), pirukas. Smoked or marinated eel, and other types of fish, rhubarb pie and kringel (cardamom sweet bread) are also delicacies. You are probably used to hearing “Bon appetite” when your meal is being served, but the Estonians will wish you “May your bread last”. Have a look at the selection of restaurants we’ve picked out for you: Lavendel, Retro Kohvik, La Perla, Vinoteek Prelude. Don’t forget Lumanda Soogimaja, Arensburg Restaurant, Vanalinna Kohvik, Restaurant Rose, Kuursaal, Veski, Kodulinna Lokaal.

A trip to Saaremaa will show how addictive the island is, and you will want to come back again. You can complete your family vacation with a couple of hours at the spa. The very first one was opened in 1840, and the island has become a famous resort ever since. If the city has you all filled with stress and fatigue, choose to relax in one of the farms on the island and try fishing in Kalakula, Pidula or Pahkla. Another reason to visit Saaremaa is the agenda of events that take place during the year: Kuressaare Opera Days, Cycling Tour, Saaremaa Rally, Kuressaare Castle Days, Kuressaare Maritime Festival and many more.

The best hotels and hostels in the county wait for you, for a sample of true hospitality. There is a list from which you can choose a place to stay. They are the top rated accommodation units on the island: Georg Ots Spa Hotel, Hotel Staadioni, Repo Hotel, Piibutopsu Holiday Home, Kuressaare Kuursaal Guesthouse. You may also want to consider Emalendur Guesthouses, Aadu Holiday Farm, Kaali Guest Centre Hotel, Abruka Innu Tourist Farm, Oti Manor House, Kaja Guesthouse, Merily Guest Accommodation, Bulders Farm.

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