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Lodingen, Nordland, Norway

Lodingen Marina is a small port located in the city with the same name. Though small, this city is full of popular attractions and local landmarks that have put their print on the history of this location. The Eye in Stone (Øye i stein in Norwegian) is a sculpture that dates back to the Viking Age. It is an exhibit in the Rotvær Lighthouse, also a local landmark in the history of Lodingen. The most famous restaurant in the area is Mama Rosa. This is a place of romance and tradition. The staff here will ensure that your dinner will be transformed into a romantic evening with your loved one and will be a night to remember. This venue is a local landmark that you will definitely visit again. The top rated accommodations in the area are: Brygga Hotel, Vestfjord Service Villa, Revenes and Holiday home Ballangen WX-805. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in this wild retreat from crowded cities and stressful way of life. Lodingen Marina should be the starting point of every adventurous tourist.

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Attractions in Nordland

The world’s greatest and most beautiful coastline view combined with one of the wildest regions - Nordland County is located in the northern part of Norway and is bordered by Troms and Nord-Trøndelag. This ancient city is a pillar of the food industry of Norway and is the main supplier of fresh seafood. With the mild weather all year round, this area is one of the best touristic destinations in the whole world because of its fantastic northern lights. During summer, the nights are never dark, and you can experience Norwegian sunsets in their real meaning.

Nordland can be the starting point of your adventure with guided tours of the surrounding islands and whale safaris on the open ocean. Enjoy a beautiful day on the open waters and watch these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. Your heart will start pounding the moment you realize the size of these marine mammals.

The county is composed of 44 municipalities, the most signif... more info