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Panayioudha Marina, Lesbos, Greece

Panayioudha Marina is an idyllic little harbour situated in the city of Panagiouda on the coastline of Greece with immediate access to superb shores of the Aegean Sea. This port is located in the county of Lesbos and offers countless attractions. Its mild temperatures and gentle waters are the perfect starting point of your vacation. The Archaeological site of Thermi is an ancient landmark founded in 3000 BC, which was discovered in the year 1933. It is open for visitors all year round and offers tourists an insight into Greece’s marvellous history. Book a luxurious suite in these excellent hotels and experience the hospitality of the Greeks: Lesvos Inn, Olympias Boutique Hotel, Hotel Pyrgos, Loriet Hotel and Heliotrope Boutique and Resort Hotels. Restaurants in the vicinity will ensure that your dinners here will be unforgettable. Taverna Efkaliptos, Taverna Kostaras, Tavena Ouranos, Ermis and Da Luz will astonish your taste buds with traditional cuisine and exotic cocktails.

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Attractions in Lesbos

The lush, green island of Lesvos named also Lesbos (/ˈlɛzbɒs/; Greek: Λέσβος Lesvos, pronounced [ˈle̞zvo̞s], sometimes referred to as Mytilini after its capital) is similar to no other Greek island. It is the third biggest of the islands in Greece after Crete and Evia. Virtually unaffected by the mass tourism that has transformed different islands into event congregations,

Lesvos is the ideal spot to visit for individuals who desire to encounter the genuine Greece. Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, the island which is sometimes referred to as Mytilini, after it’s capital, is separated from Turkey by the narrow Mytilini Strait. The island is forested and mountainous with two huge crests, Mt. Lepetymnos at 968 m and Mt. Olympus at 967 m, commanding its northern and central segments.

As per Classical Greek mythology, Lesbos was the benefactor divine force of the island. Macar was supposedly the first r... more info