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Plaka Marina, Crete Island, Greece

Plaka Marina is situated in the city with the same name, providing immediate access to the Sea of Crete. Plaka is surrounded by a large number of islands, the fact that will allow you to enjoy the variety of Greece’s beaches and marine wildlife. The Puppet show held in the centre of the city square is a “must see” that recreates famous battle scenes from Greek history. If you want to see Achilles defeat Hector, visit this magnificent area. The AVA Hotel, Airotel Parthenon, Hotel Phaedra and Adams Hotel will welcome you with professionalism, exceptional staff and superb seaside views that will transform your vacation into a unique experience. Taste exquisite seafood dishes in the top rated restaurants: Carob Tree, Voulas Restaurant, The Pine Tree and Nikos Maria and spice up your vacation in this unique region. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in this oasis of peace and prepare your camera to immortalise great battle scenes of stunning puppet shows or idyllic sceneries on the coast.

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Attractions in Crete Island

Crete is the largest island of Greece, placed in the southern side of the Aegean Sea and the fifth-biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. A standout amongst the most famous destinations of the nation, as per its rich culture, holidays in Crete are the fantasy of a lifetime for a great many sightseers. However, despite its blossoming tourism, the island was fruitful in keeping its unique charm intact. Its great history has left obvious marks on the Greek island: Minoan palaces, Venetian towns, Medieval Castles, Ottoman mosques and Byzantine religious communities being the most important landmarks. But by far its most distinguishing trait are the beaches, alluring to sightseers around the world.

Crete was once deemed the cradle of the Minoan civilization (circa 2700–1420 BC), which is currently regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in Europe. In Ancient Greek, the name Crete (Κρήτη) first appears in Homer's Odyssey. There is a lar... more info