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Port de Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

Port de Mataro is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and it is also known as El Port de Mataro. This marina is situated only 29 km away from Barcelona, and half an hour away from Costa Brava. Boat owners who want to reach this marina by boat will observe the green flash of the Lighthouse within the port from a distance of 5 miles. Upon arrival, they will encounter a large sized, modern marina that is designed for underwater activities, too. Travellers can attend sailing classes here and try underwater sports such as spearfishing, finswimming, freediving and more. Mataro is a beautiful location where tourists can have a wonderful time while admiring fascinating panoramas, enjoying the beach or visiting the city. The city has a rich history and buildings that date from the Roman period. The archaeological site of Llauder Tower and Museo Arqueologico de Mataro are two of the main attractions, but there are many architectural masterpieces that are worth visting, too.

Facilities of Port de Mataró




Drinking water

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Fuel station




Sailing school






Waste collection

Bilge Collection

Residual water collection


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It is situated between France and Andorra and it has an amazing coastline that stretches at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The cultural and historical heritage can be found in the four provinces it includes: Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida. There is archaeological evidence that proves that the first colonies in Catalonia were Greek and Carthaginians, which only makes the entire territory even more fascinating.

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