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Port Guillaume, Lower Normandy, France

Port Guillaume is also known as Port de Plaisance Guillaume and it is located in Cabourg, a French commune that is located on the coastline of the English Channel and on Dives River. It is a part of the Calvados department and it is a famous location in France, thanks to Marcel Proust's favourite seaside resort in this area and its description in “In Search of Lost Time”. This harbour is surrounded by calm waters and mountains that are naturally covered by forests, offering an amazing sensation of tranquillity to all tourists that want to escape from energetic cities. Boat owners will be offered basic services within the marina, but they can also enjoy the village's facilities. The main attractions here are Le Petit Train de Cabourg, the Casino de Cabourg and the Hippodrome Cabourg. Also, the tourists will have the opportunity to relax in comfortable rooms in some of the most recommended hotels such as La Grand Hotel de Cabourg and many other luxury units

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Attractions in Lower Normandy

The region of Lower Normandy is one of the 27 regions of France that was created in 1956. It contains 3 departments: Calvados, Manche and Orne. This administrative region was separated by Upper Normandy in the past, but the beauty of the two areas is very similar and their history and culture share many elements. The sceneries in Lower Normandy are spectacular and they represent the main reason why many tourists are eager to visit this side of the French territory. The Lower Normandy is agriculturally rich and it offers its locals a rich flora and fauna and the perfect resources for the textile industry and fruit production. The most interesting thing is that Lower Normandy has its own dialect which is called Norman and it is still being used by the locals.

From a cultural point of view, this region ihas offered a great variety of French authors to the world, but music had an important part to play here, too. The most important cities that belong to Lower Normandy a... more info