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Porto Barricata, Veneto, Italy

Porto Barricata is also known as Port Barricata and it is hosted by the cultural town of Rovigo, being situated in the province with the same name, north-west of Italy. Being located on the Adriatic coast, the guests of this marina will enjoy a natural diversity and a wide variety of sporting activities to choose from. Those who are passionate about history and architecture will encounter a historically rich destination where museums, old but well-preserved buildings, palaces and monuments can be seen. Sun seekers will be delighted to spend some time on the busy beaches of Rivigo. Tourists can choose to sun bathe on the beach of Scano Boa, Bacucco, etc. One of the main natural attractions is the Island of Albarella, where travellers will enjoy a fascinating view and will experience deep relaxation sensations. Admiring natural sights, a great fauna and flora at the mouth of the river Po di Levante, breathing fresh air and listening to the sound of nature is simply amazing.

Facilities of Porto Barricata


Drinking water



Fuel station


Service Station for ships


Season prices

Starting from 20 € per day, between 01.01.2017 and 30.04.2017
Starting from 20 € per day, between 01.05.2017 and 30.09.2017
Starting from 20 € per day, between 01.10.2017 and 31.12.2017

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Cancellation Policy of Porto Barricata : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Veneto

Veneto, the Italian city also known as Venetia or even more specifically, Venezia Euganea is the eighth largest region in the country. Veneto promotes and spreads the Italian beauty all over its streets and objectives, having its capital in Venice where the citizens speak both Italian and Venetian. This region is located in the North-Eastern side of Italy and it is split into four areas that include the Northern Alpine zone, the hill zone, the lower plain and the coastal territory.

The tourism in Veneto is extremely intense due to the natural, picturesque beauty of the Venetian places, the imposing mountains, the impressive mountains, the peaceful lakes and the historically charged landmarks. This region can be best defined by the rich culture, by the amazing variety of landscapes, by the valuable arts and traditions and by the impressive architecture. The region of Veneto is divided into 7 provinces and 581 municipalities. The 7 provinces of Veneto are Belluno, Pado... more info