Rohukula Marina
Rohukula Marina


Laanemaa, Estonia
Berth Characteristics
  • berths
  • Max Length 60 m
  • Max Draught 3.7 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Rohukula by calling VHF16.

Rohukula Marina located in the seaside town of Haapsalu, on the Western coast of Estonia. Whether you are looking to stay for a night, a weekend or more, do your research and pick a hotel according to your needs. Basically, they will all offer you a well-trained staff, good traditional food and a c

Facilities of Rohukula

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Drinking water
  • Electricity
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The neighborhood

Rohukula is located in Laanemaa.

Laanemaa (or Laane County) is located in Western Estonia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Laanemaa means “Western land”. The county has food, wood, light industries and recreation services based economy. Most of all, it is linked to tourism, as it has become a wonderful place for visitors to spend their holiday. Visitors who choose Laanemaa as their holiday destination look for recreation and leisure. They want to visit the impressive cliffs and sandy beaches, fishing ports and small towns, the protected national parks and see the breathtaking landscapes.

The accommodation units include some of the finest hotels, B&Bs, inns, cottages, farms, campsites and self-catering units. Choose and book according to your needs and enjoy a wonderful stay. The hotels will welcome you with great service and trained personnel. At the end of the day, you know that people are the ones making the difference. Here is a selection of places to spend a few nights at Fra Mare, Kongo Hotel, Laine, Promenaadi Hotel, Hotel Paeva Villa. You may also want to consider Rumpo Mae Farm, Reinholdi Guest Accommodation, Algallika Guesthouse, Manniaru Puhkemajad BO KA Pubi, Karja Accommodation, Rondo Guesthouse.

The Estonian cuisine has recipes that are traditionally based on potatoes, meat and fish. Although it has many original dishes, over the years some of them got foreign influences: German, Russian and Scandinavian. The four items that define the drinking and eating habits of the Estonian people are beer, vodka, rye bread and pork. Here are some of the traditional dishes you must try during your trip: black pudding with lingonberry sauce, rosolje (beetroot, potatoes and herring salad), pirukas. Smoked or marinated eel, and other types of fish, rhubarb pie and kringel (cardamom sweet bread) are also delicacies. You are probably used to hearing “Bon appetite” when your meal is being served, but the Estonians will wish you “May your bread last”. Choose your favourite places to eat and drink from a variety of cafes, pubs, inns and restaurants: Muuriaare Cafe, Hapsal Dietrich, Karme Kuulik, Wiigi Kohvik, Haapsalu Raamat, Blu Holm Cafe. Don’t miss Kuursaal Summer Cafe, Trahter Birgit, Rondo Kohvik, Bar Gambrino, Restaurant of Baltic Hotel Promenaadi, Restaurant SOFFA, Summer Cafe of the Haapsalu Episcopal Castle.

The museums will give you a tour of local traditions, heritage and history. The exhibits will show you how local peasants use to live hundreds of years ago, Museum of the Coastal Swedes, Kuke Gallery, Laanemaa Museum, Polluotsa Farm Museum. The most interesting places to see in Laanemaa are the old town of Haapsalu and the coastal Promenade. Haapsalu Episcopal Castle is a building dating from the 13th century and one of the best-preserved fortresses in the country. Haapsalu is also a recognized resort destination because Doctor Abraham Hunnius discovered the curative and therapeutic properties of Haapsalu mud in the 19th century. 23% of the county’s territory is registered as a protected area. Matsalu National Park is part of the list, as it was declared a wetland of international importance in 1976, at the Ramsar Convention. The park is home to 282 species of birds, 47 species of mammals, 49 species of fish and 772 species of plants. They all come together and form a truly beautiful nature heaven, a destination for nature lovers worldwide.

Other lovely attractions to add to your list include the medieval history of Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle Museum, the impressive trains at Estonian Railway Museum and the spectacular Africa Beach and Promenade. Other attractions include the unique and ancient Vormsi Cemetery, the oil paintings at Epp Maria Gallery, the idyllic Haapsalu Maria-Magdaleena Church, the 13th century Kullamaa Church or the fortress of Koluvere Castle.

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