Sandvika Marina
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Akershus, Norway
Berth Characteristics
  • berths
  • Max Length 60 m
  • Max Draught 5 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Sandvika by calling VHF9.

Sandvika Marina is a small sized marina in the city of Sandvika. With access to Skagerrak Strait, the marina is the perfect place to enjoy leisure activities like coastline boat cruising, bird watching or canoeing. Sandvika is a place of art and culture, Claude Monet having painted a wellknown canva

Facilities of Sandvika

  • Electricity
  • Market
  • Restaurant
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The neighborhood

Sandvika is located in Akershus.

”The Fortress of Norway” and its second largest county, full of unique sceneries and historical heritage. Located west of Oslo, Akershus is the most demographically dense areas in the Norway. Considered ’’The Valley of Artists”, this marvelous region displays the real meaning of Scandinavian sceneries and the famous unique sunsets. The county got its name after one of its most famous landmarks: Akershus Fortress. Built in 1299, it is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Norway. The name means ’’The fortified house of Aker”.

Akershus is the home of various deep-rooted landmarks and places of culture. Among its top attractions we find venues like Asker Church – constructed in the 12th century and burnt in 1878, the Church was rebuilt in 1879 and hosts burial places that date back to the Iron Age, or Oscarsborg Fortress – A perfect natural defense situated on the coastline of the country.

The county is host to twenty-two cities, the most important being Asker, Bærum, Nes and Drøbak. They all provide tourists with countless attractions and cultural opportunities making Akershus the perfect place for your holiday. Asker was founded in 1838 and is also known as ’’The Place of the Millenium”. Asker Kulturhus is the most famous attraction in the area, a place where you can enjoy performances by new resident artists.

Bærum municipality was founded at the same time with Asker, in 1838 and is an area of culture and history, The Pilgrimage Route along the district providing unique opportunities to encounter ancient burial grounds and Viking rock carvings.

Nes is the place where the first Norwegian church was built, the long valleys and dense forests will give you the opportunity to combine religious culture with marvelous landscapes. The Gardnos Meteorite Crater is the most visited attraction. This is the place where a 300m wide meteor hit the earth and created a huge crater.

Drøbak is considered as “The town where the sun never sets”. Very well known for the Christmas House “Julehuset”, Drøbak is a real gem in the Akershus community.

If you decide to visit, experience the unique cuisine of this historical region, its restaurants making even the smallest meal seem like a feast fit for a king. The best venues in the area are Restaurant Caspar, Gamle Tarnhuset Restaurant, and Vaertshuset Baerums Verk. These are all traditional based restaurants, but Drøbak also offers modern global foods from venues like Casa Mia Ristorante – specialized in Italian cuisine and Sakura sushi – one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area.

Thinking of adding Akershus to your vacation destinations? The here is a list of the best hotels that will bring the meaning of home right next to you: Holmen Fjordhotell, Scandic Fornebu or Thon Hotel Arena. Be prepared to be dazzled by the Scandinavian rigor. Make sure you bring your camera because this region will be worth capturing.

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