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Saulevigen, Aust-Agder, Norway

Saulevigen Marina is a small port located on the outskirts of the city of Gjerstad, right on Norway’s vast coastline. With gentle weather and active boat industry in the area it makes the perfect place to enjoy a deserved fishing holiday. The city of Gjerstad is one of the oldest towns in Norway. Earlier in time known as Vissedal, it was the home of Vikings, rock carvings and burial mounds still animating the unique sceneries. Enjoy a refreshing walk in the glacially formed valleys or experience a boat ride on a glacial lake. All these prove that Gjerstad is a true gem in the Aust-Agder community. The top rated and most famous attraction in the area is Holmen Gaard (Holmen Gård in Norwegian) – Gjerstad’s centertre of handcrafted objects of decor. This unique landmark provides accommodation as well as dinning possibilities. If you want to experience true tradition, this national treasure should be at the top of your list. Do not miss this chance to try something different.

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Attractions in Aust-Agder

The region of Norway’s ancestors and a coastline gem full of adventure and culture. Situated on the coast, with access to the Skagerrak Strait, Aust-Agder is host to various natural parks, museums, historical landmarks and one of the largest Aquariums in Norway. This part of the country is considered to be the historical heritage of the Viking world, transfused in our modern way of life.

Aust-Agder is a touristic paradise, with many points of interest. The most popular of all are: Risor Kirke – a historical church also known as ’’The Church of the Holy Spirit” and The Little Zoo – a different kind of Zoo that hosts animal species not indigenous to the area. The county is composed of fifteen municipalities, the most important ones are: Risør, Gjerstad and Arendal-three cities that should surely be on your vacation map.

Risør is the most popular region mainly because of the boat and classical music festiva... more info