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Storengkilen, Ostfold, Norway

Storengkilen Marinais situated in Vesterøy and is connected to mainland Norway by an engineering marvel road bridge. Vesterøy hosts three natural parks dedicated to the preservation of Norway’s indigenous wildlife, making it an ideal place for those who have a special relationship with nature. Interested in fishing? Then you are very lucky because Vesteroy is home to one of Norway’s biggest fishing villages: Utgårdskilen. With friendly locals and plenty of fishing spots, it will allow you to do battle with the famous Norwegian Trout or Salmon. Searching for accommodation? Then you should try Holiday home Vesterøy Siljeholmen. Rustic and cozy, it will make you feel like home and take care of your every need. Browse the small shops, enjoy seafood dishes in one of the traditional restaurants, test your fishing skills, enjoy the local scenery or relax in the harbour. No matter what you decide, choose Storengkilen Marina – a little oasis that will reunite you with the simple life.

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Attractions in Ostfold

"The heartland of Scandinavia", home of the Vikings and one of Norway’s oldest inhabited regions. Located between Oslo Fjord and Sweden in the North Sea, Østfold is Norway’s second smallest county. Considered Norway’s gateway to Europe, summertime is an excellent opportunity for a vacation full of sunbathing and swimming. It is a region full of diverse nature such as forests, lakes, rivers and a fantastic coastline. All cities in the county have their local forests making it the perfect place for hikes in the meadows. Petroglyphs and burial mounds place Østfold among Norway’s oldest inhabited regions. This area was part of Vingulmark during the Viking Age. The countryside is full of ancient monuments and historical landmarks such as The Ancient Road (Oldtidsveien) between Fredrikstad and Skjeberg. “20 kilometers further on and you are 3,000 years back in time.” Until the time of Harald Fairhair, Østfo... more info