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Traela, Vestfold, Norway

Traela Marina is a small harbour situated in the city Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway and a little place of Heaven on the Norwegian coastline. For those interested in northern culture and Viking artefacts, Tønsberg is the place that will satisfy your curiosity. From The Royal Mound (A regal Viking burial ground) to the Castle Rock Tower and Tønsberg Cathedral, tThis little city will provide countless opportunities for you to get in touch with Norway’s cultural and historical background. Tønsberg will also offer modern facilities and establishments like restaurants or accommodations fit for your every need. The top restaurants in the area are Roar i Bua – a sea food shop right in Traela Marina, Havariet and the Pascal Brasserie. Hotels in the vicinity are top notch and prepared to meet even the most exigent expectation. Enjoy not only a relaxing vacation, but a trip back through time as well. Traela Marina will mark the starting point of a cultural marathon of Norway.

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Attractions in Vestfold

A magnificent retreat with calm waters and a fantastic coastline view - The county of Vestfold is the smallest region in Norway and is located on the west side of the Oslofjord. Numedalslågen River cuts through the heart of this district creating diverse landscapes and a multitude of islands in the vicinity. It is a wildlife paradise with mostly lowlands, the absent mountains or hills making the climate very pleasant. This region has deep roots in sailing history as it was the command post of Norway’s whaling armada. Vestfold has a regal background, many kings of Norway calling this area home: Erik Agnarsson, Halfdan the Mild or Gudrød the Hunter being the most famous names. This refuge is unique and provides a little change, something a bit different than what you would normally expect from a Norwegian county. It is composed of 14 municipalities, the largest being Larvik, Sandefjord and Horten.

Larvik is an ancient city, bearing the scars ... more info