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Utvorda, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

Utvorda Marina is a small remote harbor located in the city with the same name on the coast of Norway. This peaceful place will provide the perfect opportunity to mingle with locals, experience the traditional northern ways and connect you to nature. The main activity in this area is fishing, making this marina the best place for your fishing adventure. From Salmon to Sturgeon, this small harbor will allow you to do battle with the most famous fish species in Norway. Accommodations in the vicinity are positioned on the shores of the marina and include lodges and small houses that are perfect for connecting with the surrounding wilderness. Here are the top rated ones: Botel Engen, Grong Gård Guesthouse and Overhalla Hotel. Looking for a mid-day meal or a big dinner? Here is a list of the top rated venues in the area: Onkel Oskar, Hofles Grill& Bar, Den Gamle Nabo As and Norlandia Backlund. Choose this marvelous location as the starting point of your holiday and you will not be disappointed.

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Attractions in Nord-Trøndelag

A cultural landmark of Norway with deep rooted traditions in excellent cuisine. Situated in the northern part of Norway, with access to the Atlantic Ocean, Nord-Trøndelag is very well-known amongst tourists as a great holiday destination being the host of the Klompen Mountains and Oasen Swimming Hall.

Nord-Trøndelag is a local gem in Norway created in 1804 and resisting the test of time. During the Viking Age, the Innherred area of the county was the home of powerful chieftains and was the place where the Battle of Stiklestad took place, event after which King Olaf II lost his life.
The county is put on the map by 24 municipalities, the largest of them all being Stjørdal, Steinkjer and Namsos. These regions combine life in the city with the wilderness of Norway. It is the perfect place for a diverse holiday.

Stjørdal is one of the most important cities in the county, a crossroad of the industry. This area is the standa... more info