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Zumaia, Basque Country, Spain

Zumaia Marina is also known as Zumaya Marina or Port de Zumaia and it is located in the small town with the same name that is a spectacular location in the Basque Country. It lays at the mouth of the Urola River and it has a surreal aspect that can be easily observed from off shore. There are rare panoramas that can be seen here which are created by mountains and hills in the area, by sunset lights falling on the huge cliffs and by old buildings rising from the ground, touching the cloudless sky. This Marina has 510 berths that can be occupied all year round. The tourists who will reach this destination will be staring at the landscapes in front of them and will be able to relax and rest in this small heavenly place. The Flysch Route is a must do when in the area, because of the marvels that the coast reveals. The restaurants in Zumaia will offer its guests some of the most delicious traditional dishes that are based on seafood, vegetables and fish.

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Attractions in Basque Country

The Basque Country is also known as Euskadi in Basque, Pais Vasco in Spanish or Pays Basque in French. This is an extremely valuable region that includes the historical territories of Alava, Biscay and Gipuzkoa, being one of the autonomous communities in the northern side of Spain since 1978. The Basque Country is filled with green strips of land and stunning landscapes that have brought the appreciation of the tourists all over the world. The Pyrenees Mountains are the ones that separate Spain from France, but the similarities between the two territories cannot be ignored.

This region prides itself with a well-developed tourism, a rich culture, an excellent cuisine and many natural beauties. The Basque Country has a long history that began in the Palaeolithic, which is why the tourists can admire a great number of monuments, ruins and museums today. Many tribes used to live on this territory, such as the Vascones, the Varduli, The Tarbelli, the Berones, The Autrig... more info