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Aland Island Marinas - Finland

also known as Ahvenanmaan

The Aland Islands, also identified as the region of Aland, Landskapet Aland in Swedish or Ahvenanmaan Maakunta in Finnish, is one of Finland’s autonomous regions and it is comprised of numerous small islands, right at the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. There are more than 6700 islands in the Aland archipelago, one main island, 15 municipalities and one city. This is the smallest region in Finland and it is recognised as one of the country’s Swedish speaking areas.

Travellers who wish to reach the Aland Islands can travel by ferry and those who wish to visit more than just the main island will be able to take incredible boat tours. This location in the Baltic Sea is a water sports paradise where adventurers will feel like home. There are plenty of hidden, marvellous places to discover in this naturally rich area where historic attractions can be closely admired, as well as modern relaxation facilities.

The city of Mariehamn or Maarianhamina in Finnish is the young capital of the Aland Islands and was founded in 1861, being one of the main attractions in the archipelago with the same name. Travellers who will reach this destination are encouraged to visit tourist objectives such as the harbour or Pommern which is open from May till September, the Aland Maritime Museum, the Art Museum and the Maritime Quarter where boat building traditions will fascinate those who are passionate about maritime activities and sailing. The 80 inhabited islands that will be encountered during this inspiring journey reveal numerous attractions such as the 16th century Kastelholms Slott in Sund, the Bormarsund Fortress, the 16 churches on the main island of Aland and many more. Guided tours are popular among tourists due to this archipelago’s complexity and hidden paths, canals and sounds.

Aland is an ideal destination for family vacations, offering numerous group activities, excursions, cruises and sightseeing tours during which tourists have the opportunity of exploring the local culture and habits. Hunting and sport fishing are popular among active tourists, as well as hiking, kayaking, cycling, yachting and numerous other water sports. Theme parks and adventure parks for both adults and children can be found here, in the middle of a natural environment. Hikers and nature lovers will encounter plenty of popular trails, as well as unexplored territories and unspoilt islands that can be closely admired during boat tours. Tourism is well developed in this side of the Baltic Sea, especially during the summertime. Travellers who will choose to spend their vacation in this unique spot in northern Europe will be amazed by its authenticity and genuine beauty.

There are luxurious accommodation services, as well as cosy cottages and charming villas that can host a large number of tourists. Also, local restaurants are welcoming and introduce tourists to an exquisite world of the Finnish culture. The Aland Islands represent the perfect location for those who enjoy encountering themselves in a natural environment where historical essences can be felt at every step of the way.