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Alonissos Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Αλόννησος

Chora is the most picturesque village in Alonissos island, spotted on top of a hill, on the southern part of the island and offering incredible perspective to the Aegean Sea. Patitiri, located in the southeast is the main port of the island, provides a ferry and hydrofoil service to Volos, Agios Konstantinos and Thessaloniki on the mainland and to the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros. The bay at the southern end of the island is also called Alonissos.

The island of Alonissos is mostly limestone. Housing generally consists of meticulously constructed houses with stone walls, which, until 1965, were placed around the capital. A little post secured against adversaries and privateers, such as pirates. However, the island and the town were vigorously harmed in the 1965 earthquake. Numerous tenants returned not to the town of Alonissos, but to Patitiri. The old town has been restored in the fairly recent years, with its modified houses now used primarily for tourism. Agriculture is found rampant on the island of Alonissos, overwhelmingly blended cultivating and vineyards.

Here you may pamper your taste buds with delicious almonds, grapes, figs and olives, while treating your eyes with the scenic spruce trees, found abundant on the island. While fishing is a prevalent calling on the island, tourism is currently the main industry, awaiting tourists from all over the world to both spoil and enchant them. Alonissos has a long custom in delicious recipes, setting the nearby gastronomy among the top traditional cuisines at a national level, while the island itself offers a portion of the best restaurants for enjoying delightful local cuisine in Greece. Combining Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine, Fresh Fish & Seafood, Traditional Greek Cuisine found within the enchanting taverns and restaurants of Eleonas, Astrofegia, Tassia, Babi’s Tavern, Lithos, all scattered across the island, it is impossible not to be dazzled by this culinary enchantment.

In addition to the local restaurants and taverns, the area hosts nightlife spots with vivacious bars and vibrant parties under the Greek starry sky. The name of the island, “Alonissos” is composed of the ancient Greek word “Als”, which means sea and salt in ancient Greek, and the word “nisos”, which means island. As such, Alonissos is the island that comes out of the sea. However, the island that we call today “Alonissos” was known as Ikos in the Ancient times, whereas Alonissos was the island that today is called “Kyra Panagia”. The island was assigned this name in 1838, during the rulership of king Othonas. In 1838 all Greek domains that were united with the mainland were reassigned their Greek names after the Ottoman occupation. Along these lines, Alonissos was appointed by slip-up the name of an alternate island and this name was established ever since. Prior to the task of the Alonissos name, the island was called "Liadromia".

Alonissos is a flawless island with much greenery and snuggled up, cozy beaches, mainly consisting of pebbles. Even in high season, it keeps a calm and unwinding air, perfectly suited for relaxation and enjoyment.

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